Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another Classic Literature In Other Words - Answers!

These are the answers to the Another Classic Literature In Other Words game I posted last week. 
So many correct answers and it's always so fun hearing all of your guesses and comments! Thanks for playing everyone!

Classic Literature Clues - Answers:

#1. Jolly Christmas saint, five cent piece+buzzing honey insect.
Answer: Nicholas Nickleby

#2. Circulating the globe in eighty 24 hour segments.
Answer: Around The World In Eighty Days

#3. Abducted.
Answer: Kidnapped

#4. The king's son and the beggar.
Answer: The Prince And The Pauper

#5. The Venetian salesman.
Answer: The Merchant Of Venice

#6. The opposite of East and West.
Answer: North and South

#7. The aged oddities emporium.
Answer: The Old Curiosity Shop

#8. The trio of gunmen.
Answer: The Three Musketeers

#9. Disciple who denied Christ, pot for frying.
Answer: Peter Pan

#10. The middle of sunshine season evening's slumber vision.
Answer: A Midsummer Night's Dream

#11. M and A.
Answer: Emma

#12. The hidden place for plants.
Answer: The Secret Garden

#13. Wisdom and emotional capacity.
Answer: Sense and Sensibility

#14. Vanity and bigotry.
Answer: Pride and Prejudice

#15. Me+school automobile+garden tool used to break up the soil.
Answer: Ivanhoe (I+van+hoe)

Players Scores
Amy Dashwood - all 15 correct
Emily - all 15 correct 
Melody - all 15 correct
Miss Melody Muffin - all 15 correct
Rhoswen Faerie Wrose - all 15 correct
Scullery Maid - all 15 correct
Kiri Liz - 14 correct 
Livia Rachelle - 14 correct
Marguerite & Percivala Blakeney - 14 correct
Miss Elizabeth Bennet - 14 correct
Jemimah C - 13 correct
Kiera - 13 correct
Anne-girl - 12 correct
Anonymous - 12 correct
Sarah Grace - 12 correct
Ella - 8 correct

Very Truly Your's,

1 comment:

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

I had such a hard time with #3. I never heard of Kidnapped before. Still, this was a fun game!

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