Saturday, August 4, 2012

Classic Literature In Other Words - Answers!

These are the answers to the Classic Literature in Other Words game that I posted last week.
This game went so well that I had over 30 comments waiting moderation and it was a bit hard to keep up with all of your guesses! Thanks for all the feedback, never expected that about of good response! I'll definitely be doing other games like that in future, probably next week as I have clues written all up.

Classic Literature Clues & Answers:

#1. The blood colored wayside flower.
Answer: The Scarlet Pimpernel

#2. Gigantic anticipations.
Answer: Great Expectations

#3. Small, grown females.
Answer: Little Women

#4. A "beloved" Biblical King, orange metal+meadow.
Answer: David Copperfield

#5. Jewels and gold, land surrounded by water.
Answer: Treasure Island

#6. Husband's spouses and father's female offspring.
Answer: Wives and Daughters

#7. Guys+meadow, outdoor place to walk dogs or play with children.
Answer: Mansfield Park

#8. A story of duo metropolises.
Answer: A Tale of Two Cities

#9. Woman, black eyed flower.
Answer: Lady Susan
(the Black-eyed-Susan grows here on in the Eastern USA, sorry if it confused anyone else)

#10. Excessive happenings concerning zilch.
Answer: Much Ado About Nothing
(this clue was so much fun making, you have no idea! heehee)

#11. The yuletide song.
Answer: A Christmas Carol

#12. The tiny daughter of a king.
Answer: A Little Princess

#13. Shared buddies that belong to us.
Answer: Our Mutual Friend
(this clue was difficult to make and even more difficult to solve) 

#14. The wretched.  (Hint: in Parisian)
Answer: Les Miserables

#15. Dreary domicile.
Answer: Bleak House

Players Scores
Kiri Liz - all 15 correct
beastsbelle - all 15 correct
Miss Melody Muffin - all 15 correct
Rhoswen Faerie Wrose - all 15 correct
Scullery Maid - all 15 correct
Jemimah C - all 15 correct
Mom Wald - all 15 correct
Miss Dashwood - all 15 correct
Melody - all 15 correct
Emily - all 15 correct
Kiera - all 15 correct
Rachel Olivia - all 15 correct
Mrs. Sensibility - all 15 correct
Anne-girl - all 15 correct
Maria Elisabeth - all 15 correct
Miss Elizabeth Bennet - all 15 correct
Joanna - all 15 correct
birdienl - all 15 correct
Laura - 14 correct
Jillian B - 13 correct
Anonymous - 13 correct
Ella - 5 correct
Jemimah - 4 correct

Thanks for playing! 

Very Truly Your's,


Mom Wald said...

This was definitely a fun one!

Elisa said...

Black eyed Susan is the state flower of MD!

Livia Rachelle said...

I can imagine the Much Ado About Nothing one was fun to come up with. I think it is perfect and hilarious. I love these games.

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