Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pintrest and Period Drama Funnies

For a while now I've been interested in Pinterest but with one thing and another I haven't joined...until now! 
I'm on Pinterest! It's so fun collecting photos of my favorite period dramas and especially funny posters. It's only been a few days and surprisingly there's already 10 people following me (among them lovely blogging friends like Miss Elizabeth Bennet, Miss Woodhouse and Alexandra) and it's fun following other people too! 
So you're invited to follow me on my Pinterest Miss Laurie of OFC and if you follow me then I'll follow you! :)

On my Pinterest you will find many of my period drama funnies such as these I just made (in the style of the Contrasting Cousins poster):

Photos from: Northanger Abbey 2007 & Emma 1996

Photos from: Pride & Prejudice 1995, North & South 2004

Photos from: Emma 2009

Photos from: Emma 1996

Photos from: David Suchet as Poirot, Little Dorrit 2009

And because I love Les Miz (and don't like Nick Jonas):

Photos from: 10th and 25th Les Miz Anniversary Concerts

Are you on Pinterest?

Which of these posters do you like best? 

Do you have any ideas for similar style Expectation/Reality posters?

Very Truly Your's,


Miss Dashwood said...

Miss Laurie.
I love you.
Because you are a sweet friend, naturally, but ALSO because that last picture was Epic Beyond Epic.
(Melody will now glare at me for using that word twice in a single sentence, but it FITS.) HILARIOUS.

Oh, and all the others were quite funny too. :D

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

*Giggle* :D
Aww, thanks Mouse! I'm very glad you enjoyed these and you must know that the last one is entirely a tribute to you and Petie (but I guess I should have said). Your post about Michael vs. Nick (like there was ever any contest) was hilarious and the puppies joke needs to be repeated often! :)

(And I'm afraid I'm quite with Melody on this case, as I was explaining to my sister only yesterday "Epic doesn't mean what you think it means..." but Les Miz surely is an Epic tale!)

Thanks for your comment m'dear, you made my day! :D

Melody said...

Haha, when I got to the bottom one I thought "Oh great, Amy probably liked that one... hmm, she probably commented and said she liked it... yep. She did."
Yes, m'dear, "Epic Beyond Epic" IS going a little too fah. *glares* You know there are much bettuh words to use. But then, if you use that related to Les Miz... well, it's all the same. :P Just don't use it for JA because that would be an Insult. ;D

Thanks for sticking up for me, Miss Laurie. Hahahaha. ;)

Anyway, these were fun! I enjoyed them. :) Especially the ones that weren't miserable. *coughs*

Marian said...

The Poirot poster is absolutely hilarious. Thanks for sharing! :D

Miss Abilaine said...

Why am I a person who would rather have great expectations rather than reality? I have always been ... but in movies and books it always turns out for the better in the end so I just hope that my story will end with me having a happy "real" time. :)

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

I've caved! I joined.

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