Monday, September 24, 2012

Miss Laurie's Bookcase Tour!

Hello dear readers!
Many of you seemed interested in taking a tour of what books are on my bookcases so here's the vlog you've all been waiting for! My sister Bea helped me film this (thank Schookums!) and we had way too much fun! Sorry it took a little longer than I'd hoped to get this posted, I had some editing/publishing issues. You are hereby forewarned that this is my first attempt at any kind of vlog so I'm not quite used to being face to face with the camera or editing. All in all I don't think it came out too bad.

The tour is in two parts, one for each of my bookcases.

Bookcase One:

Miss Laurie's Bookcase Tour - Part 1

Bookcase Two:
Miss Laurie's Bookcase Tour - Part 2

Like I said at the end, if there are any books I shown that you'd like to know more about leave me a comment and I'll elaborate a bit more or even post a review.

Do you own or have you read any of the same books?

Would you be interested in seeing a vlog tour of my movies shelf?  What about a Q&A vlog?


Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

The Silver Chair is my favorite Narnia book, too! :-D I even wrote an article sort of thing about the different spiritual themes of it.

The Muppet Christmas Carol is my favorite movie version of A Christmas Carol. ;-)

I have Udolfo (sp?) on my Nook! Haven't read it yet.

Yay! For the Ordinary Princess!

I have Samantha's Cookbook and Craft book (somewhere) and Addy's Craft book (somewhere). And the Samantha Theater Kit...I even added some of the play books from the magazine, when they would have them, to the packet.

That was very interesting! I wish I could do that, but the majority of the books I own, at least the good literature ones, are on my Nook, so that wouldn't make for a very interesting post...maybe if I added in my own movie "shelves"...or even just those on their own....I may steal your ideas. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to say that I really enjoyed your bookcase tours. Even though I can go and look anytime, it was fun to see you show them to us. Thank you. Love, Mom

Mel said...

I absolutely adored this post! How lovely to show us your books through videos.
I especially loved seeing your Jane Austen novels and I became quite excited each time I noted a particular copy that I also had.

There were quite a few books that I hadn't heard of so I must come back and re-watch these and make notes so I can go and hunt down some copies :)

And lastly your baby name books!!! Dearest Laurie they are all so lovely! How I wished I could just reach through the screen and flip through a few of them with you :) Ohh and the Irish ones, where do I even start with those two! Hehe


Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Loved this post! There are a couple of books that you had on your bookshelf that I also own. I own Jane Austen for Dummies and Jane Austen: An Illustrated Treasury (both definitely fun to look through)! I really want the Sense and Sensibility Screenplay book now! And Deirdre Le Faye's book has been on my Amazon Wish List for a while now. I should look into Tea with Jane Austen; for Christmas, my brother gave me In the Garden with Jane Austen, which was written by the same author.

A tour of your movies shelf: yes, yes, YES! I'd definitely look forward to that!

Again, great post and great vlog!

E.Kate said...

I have read many of the books on your book selves of are planning to read like youself! One of my favorite books is The Princess by Lori Wick! I love western books and a wonderful Chirstian fiction western author is Stephen Bly! I would love to see a video of your movie self!

Ella said...

It was so neat to get to see your bookself!
I agree with E.Kate,it would be nice to see your movie shelf (and music shelf too:)

Elizabeth said...

Miss Laurie,

I just began reading your blog last winter so sometimes I go back in your archives to "catch up." :-)

I just watched these videos and I must say, we have many of the same books! I also love many of the same authors that you love.

I really enjoyed your bookcase tour and I hope that you will do a DVD tour one day :-)

You have inspired me to clean up and organize my own bookshelves so that they are as pretty and organized as yours are.


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