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Period Drama Couples Quiz - Answers!

Not part of the quiz but this couple are
Danielle & Prince Henry (aka Cinderella & Prince Charming) from Ever After

These are the answers for the Period Drama Couples Quiz from last week.
I had fun adding photos of these lovely couples! There will definitely be other games like this in future! :)

Couple Clues:

Couple #1. Honorable but shy gentleman / Reserved and practical young woman
Answer: Edward Ferrars & Elinor Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility


Couple #2. Literary tomboy / European professor
Answer: Jo March & Friedrich Bhaer from Little Women


Couple #3. Scholarly scientist explorer / Caring physician's daughter
Answer: Roger Hamley & Molly Gibson from Wives and Daughters


Couple #4. Noble lady who keeps many secrets / Her father's new heir presumptive
Answer: Lady Mary Crawley & Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey
Sorry to the folks who haven't seen this series, I put Downton Abbey couples on my list because
I know there are a few DA fans out there.

Couple #5. Long reigning monarch / Princely cousin
Answer: Queen Victoria & Price Albert from The Young Victoria (other films and history)


Couple #6. Advertising governess / Master with great secrets and no beauty
Answer: Jane Eyre & Edward Rochester from Jane Eyre


Couple #7. Kindly sister and as beautiful as an angel / Handsome friendly gentleman
Answer: Jane Bennet & Charles Bingley from Pride and Prejudice


Couple #8. Studious blind-sighted clergyman / Sweet and gentle cousin
Answer: Edmund Bertram & Fanny Price from Mansfield Park


Couple #9. Kind gentleman who seeks his origins / Depressed opera singer he rescues
Answer: Daniel Deronda & Mirah Lapidoth from Daniel Deronda


Couple #10. Young upstart with high hopes / Beautiful trained enchantress
Answer: Philip Pirrip "Pip" & Estella Havisham from Great Expectations


Couple #11. High-spirited jumping girl / Melancholic poetical sailor
Answer: Louisa Musgrove & Captain James Benwick from Persuasion
No photos of them together in a period drama so I made this collage.
A new Persuasion adaptation should show a scene where they "fall in love over poetry"!

Couple #12. Fiery Italian youth / There is the east and she is the sun
Answer: Romeo Montegue & Juliet Capulet from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
Who are these people? Well, I don't like any of the movie adaptations so far (except for an old black & white one). So this couple are from a modern version that my sister and I watched this past week. I don't usually like the story much but My Pizza Heart was totally cute, clever and most of the cheese was on the pizza!

Couple #13. Money loving socialite / Mysterious secretary
Answer: Bella Wilfer & John Rokesmith/Harmon from Our Mutual Friend


Couple #14. Physician with red cutaway / Angelic clergyman's daughter
Answer: Dr. Frank Harrison & Sophy Hutton from Cranford


Couple #15. Poor newspaper journalist / Sister-in-law of a foolish man
Answer: Hugh Stanbury & Nora Rowley from He Knew He Was Right
Hardly anyone got this one, :(


Player Scores:

Melody - 156 points
Miss Elizabeth Bennet - 156 points
Miss Dashwood - 156 points
Emaline Foster - 156 points
birdienl - 156 points
Scullery Maid - 156 points
Sarah Grace - 152 points
Laura & Elisabeth - 132 points
Abigail - 132 points
Eleanor Rose - 132 points
Livia Rachelle - 120 points
Anne-girl - 108 points
Kiri Liz - 96 points
Jillian B - 96 points
Julia - 88 points
Emily Ruth - 72 points
Julia - 64 points
Ella - 48 points
Charity - 48 points

Which of these period drama couples is your favorite?

P.S. As a side note this is my first post using the updated Blogger format. It's taken some getting used to for me but it's not too bad. 

1 comment:

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

Ack! I forgot to submit my answers!
Oh, well. I would have gotten 7 couples right. There were a couple couples where I couldn't remember one of the names, and one where I couldn't remember either of their name; but I would have gotten the dramas correct.
Next time!

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