Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Couple Shameless Plugs

Okay we'll start with a plug for something not related to me...

Charity over at Austenitis is hosting A Week Of Musicals! All sorts of fun posts about her favorite musicals equals lots of fun! Go check it out! :)

Portrait Of A Maiden
Speaking of Charity, she has a sister by the name of Analiese who just recently started a new blog Portrait Of A Maiden. When considering design prospects Analiese came to me and I had so much fun designing her header, blog button, signatures and finding a background image for her. The result is quite pretty and it was a real treat being able to help sweet Analiese out with her blog. I encourage you to check out Portrait Of A Maiden not only to see the design but also to read her interesting posts on period dramas, literary characters, fairy tales, books and much more!

Rather Bookish
Also, some of you may not be aware that I have a reading/writing blog. I do enjoy writing fiction and poetry, when the inspiration strikes, and I've recently revived posting about the story and characters I'm currently working on over at Rather Bookish. It's nothing grand but 'tis fun.


Charity U said...

Thanks for mentioning my Week of Musicals, Miss Laurie! :) You are a keeper of a friend. :)

And Analiese's blog is looking awesome! Especially like that header. :)

Analiese said...

Thank you so much for giving a link to PoaM! I still fall in love with the design every time I see it. :D Thanks so much for doing that for me.

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