Saturday, November 3, 2012

Random Period Drama Screencap Game - Answers!

These are the answers to the Random Period Drama Screencap Game from last week. 
I've included details about what scene each screencap is from.
Good work on all of your guesses! 

Period Drama Screencaps

Answer: Bright Star (2009)
Scene: Fanny Brawne swinging in a tree swing.

Answer: Cranford (2007)
Scene: Mr. Carter discovers Harry Gregson in Lady Ludlow's greenhouse.

Answer: Emma (2009)
Scene: Emma & Harriet checking their collection of romantic riddles. 
As Melody & Kiri Liz quoted Emma: "Our collection of romantic riddles is building up nicely!"

Answer: Little Dorrit (2008)
Scene: Arthur Clennam walks in the garden with Mr. Meagles at his country home (after Pet's marriage I believe).

Answer: North & South (2004)
Scene: Margaret talks to her mother about the doctor's visit after Mr. Thornton's dinner party.

Answer: Our Mutual Friend (1998)
Scene: Bradley Headstone on some steps. (No, it's not Mr. Thornton as some people had guessed.)

Answer: The Young Victoria (2009)
Scene: Queen Victoria at her dressing table.

Answer: Persuasion (1995)
Scene: Captain Wentworth, Louisa, Henrietta, Mary and Charles Musgrove and Anne Elliot on the seashore at Lyme. 

Answer: Pride & Prejudice (1995)
Scene: Flashback of Darcy & Wickham's childhood from when Elizabeth read's Mr. Darcy's letter.

Answer: The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982)
Scene: Chauvelin's buttons cut off during his epic sword fight with Sir Percy!

Players Scores:
Anne-girl - 80 points
Katherine Cox - 80 points
Petie - 80 points
Sarah - 80 points
Sarah Grace - 80 points
birdienl - 70 points
Kiri Liz - 70 points
Lydia - 70 points
Miss Elizabeth Bennet - 70 points
Melissa Jagears - 60 points
Melody - 60 points
Stephanie - 60 points
Tillie - 50 points
Ella - 40 points
Kate Howe - 40 points
Amy - 30 points 

Thanks for playing! :)

1 comment:

Melody said...

Oooh! I've seen all of those besides Bright Star! But I haven't seen Cranford for a while and haven't seen OMF enough to recognize #6, I guess. ;) Ditto with #7... I think I've only seen that twice and the last time was over a year ago. Heehee. I didn't remember that particular dress. ;)

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