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Period Films First Lines Quiz - Answers!

Bonus Photo Question Answer:
In the first scene of the Kate Beckinsale Emma chicken thieves  break into the chicken coops at Hartfield and Emma gets out of bed to look out the window on all the commotion. The next scene is Mr. Woodhouse trying to convince Miss Taylor not to marry Mr. Weston as they ride in the carriage to the church.

These are the answers to the Period Films First Lines Quiz from last week.
This game generated a whopping 23 players with most sending in their guesses within the first couple days! I'm so glad ya'll enjoyed this game, thanks again to Amy and Melody for suggesting it, there will be more games like this in future.

First Lines Clues Answers:

"In a time when one's town was one's world, and the actions at a dance excited greater interest than the movement of armies, there lived a young woman who knew how these worlds should be run."

Answer: Emma (1996, Gwyneth Paltrow)


"I'll row, Lizzie."  
"No. No father, I can not sit so near it." 
"What hurt can it do ya?" 
"None. None. I can not bear it."

Answer: Our Mutual Friend (1998)


"What a business this wedding has been, what an expense. You know, sometimes, my dear sister, I envy you your little country parsonage."

Answer: North & South (2004)


"I baptize thee, Catherine, in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen."

Answer: Northanger Abbey (2007)


"Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, this story must show. To begin my life at the very beginning, I was a posthumous child, my father left this world three months before I entered it."

Answer: David Copperfield (1999)


"My name is Mary Lennox. I was born in India. It was hot...and strange...and lonely in India. I didn't like it. Nobody but my servant, my ayah, looked after me. My parents didn't want me. My mother cared only to go to parties. And my father was busy with his military duties. I was never allowed to go to the parties. I watched them from my mother's bedroom window. I was angry. But I never cried. I didn't know how to cry."

Answer: The Secret Garden (1993)


"Where is sleep? Over the mountains of the moon? Down the valley of the shadow? 'Neath the waves of the deep gulf stream? Replied the handsome Duke in dark languid tones. In dark languid dark foreboding tones. He fervently stroked her alabaster brow as she fell under his cloak of darkness."

Answer: Anne of Avonlea (aka Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel)


"Oh where have you been Billy boy, Billy boy, oh where have you been charming Billy? I have been to seek a wife, she's the joy of my life. She's a young thing and can not leave her mother.  (sings rest of song)"  

"Did mama sing every day? every single day?"  
"Every single day." 
 "And did papa sing too?"  
"Yes, papa sang too."  
"Don't get so close Caleb, it'll heat up." 
"What did I look like when I was born?"

Answer: Sarah, Plain and Tall (1991)


 (sung) "I'll tell thee a tale, now list' to me. With a hey ho, the wind and the rain. But merry or sad, which shall it be? For the rain it raineth every day."

Answer: Twelfth Night (1996)


"Some people are born more fortunate than others. Such was the case with me. But as a child, I was convinced of quite the opposite. What little girl does not dream of growing up as a princess?"

Answer: The Young Victoria (2009)


"It's a fair prospect."
"Pretty enough, I grant you." 
"It's nothing to Pemberley, I know, but I must settle somewhere. Have I your approval?"

Answer: Pride & Prejudice (1995)


"Did you hear what I was playing, Lane?"  
"I didn't think it polite to listen, sir."  
"I'm sorry for that, for your sake. I don't play accurately - anyone can play accurately - but I play with wonderful expression."

Answer: The Importance of Being Earnest (2002)


"Oh! Open the windows Matilda while I remove the dust sheets from the furniture."

Answer: Cranford (2008)


"My parents died when I was very young. I was sent to live with my aunt, Mrs. Reed, and her children at Gatehead Hall. For nearly ten years I endured their unkindness and cruelty. They did not love me, I could not love them."

Answer: Jane Eyre (1996, Charlotte Gainsbourg)


"There are always skylarks, their songs hanging over the fields of dark gold. As a child it felt like this quiet old country life had always been so and would always be so. My father used to say that nobody ever came to L--- ---- and nobody ever left. But he was wrong on both counts."

Answer: Lark Rise to Candleford, Season 1, Episode 1


Players Scores:
(Maximum score was 200 points)
Melody - 170 points
Kiri Liz - 130 points
Lauren - 130 points
Petie - 130 points
Rhoswen Faerie Wrose - 130 points
Issy - 110 points
Kayla McK - 110 points
Anne-girl - 100 points
Jessica from WI - 100 points
Laura & Elisabeth - 100 points
Sarah Grace - 100 points
wxroz - 100 points
Hannah - 90 points
Robyn Hoode - 90 points
Hannah Grace - 80 points
Livia Rachelle - 80 points
Tillie - 80 points
birdienl - 70 points
Julia - 70 points
Charity - 50 points
Ella - 30 points
Hamlette - 20 points
Emily Ruth - 20 points

Thanks so much for playing everyone! :)

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Oh, I just saw this post and noticed the quote from Twelfth Night- I love that movie!! It's just beautiful!

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