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Book Review: Love Comes Softly

This was my second reading of Love Comes Softly. I had read it as a pre-teen and shortly after devoured all of the other books in the series. This time my sister and I read it aloud together and we both enjoyed it greatly. We'd both seen the movie a couple months ago but the scenes as described in the book are even more hilarious and sweet!

Still love this older cover, this was on the book when I read the story the first time.
Synopsis: She ventured west with the man she loved, but in one day her whole world had crumbled around her...   Nineteen-year-old Marty Claridge starts west with her adventurous, boyish husband, Clem, seeking to claim land and hoping for good fortune. But when the venture turns suddenly to tragedy, Marty is left alone with her great loss. And coupled with her grief and heartache is the grim reality that there is no way to return home.   Clark Davis and his little girl, Missie, are also in great need. Clark's wife has died, leaving him to care for Missie and the farm at the same time. His offer to Marty comes with good intention, but will courage and faith be enough to bring them to true love?

Janette Oke
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Author: Janette Oke celebrated her 77th birthday this past February! She wrote her books a bit later in life, as the wife of a Canadian Minister her stories often revolve around Pioneers in Canada and America. I read my first Janette Oke books when I was about eleven years old and devoured her Love Comes Softly series. My mom and I have read many of her books and greatly enjoy the way she usually includes the salvation message and verses from scripture in each of her stories.

Interesting Bits: The day to day work, activities and life of prairie families are described in some detail and I found that fascinating. Also the strength of the the pioneer people really impressed me, how they often carried on amid great heartache or trouble - you had to keep going or you'd get swallowed up by it all and fade away. My sister and I loved the scenes described of inexperienced Marty's first attempts at housekeeping and her interactions with her neighbors.

Spiritual Content: Clark Davis is a man of great faith and begins each breakfast meal with Bible reading and prayer. His daily readings initially take unbeliever Marty by surprise but she soon becomes interested, starts asking questions and finds herself in hard times calling out to Clark's God. The Christmas story and Easter salvation messages are explained in detail and Marty eventually asks Jesus Christ to be her Savior (a scene which brought tears to my eyes!). Another spiritual message is that God does care about our lives and is with us through the hard times.

My Thoughts: I absolutely loved reading this book again! Marty it's interesting seeing prairie life through Marty's eyes and commiserate with her through that first week of trying to keep house for another man and be a mother to a little girl who doesn't like her at first. Missie is a sweet two-year-old (unlike in the movie where they make her a stubborn ten-year-old) and it's so lovely to see her bonding with Marty. Clark Davis is the type of hero my own heart longs for! He's so dedicated to his Lord, an extremely hard worker, a loving father, a kind friend and a loyal family man. It warmed my heart to read of the things he does for Marty's benefit even while he's still hurting after his first wife's death. And then there's Ma Graham and her clan - Ma is the most amazing pioneer lady and the best neighbor you could ever wish for! She comes to Marty's aid physically and emotionally which have the reader saying with Marty: "Thank the Lord for ya' Ma Graham!" It's neat that the story doesn't just stick with Clark and Marty but also tells about other families in the neighborhood. The stories of Sally Anne and Laura Graham always bring tears to my eyes, I was reading aloud during the 'Laura' chapter (Chapter 27) and I literally had to stop several times because of the sob welling up in my throat and the tears pouring down my face! And the final chapter? Thankfully Bea was reading because I was messy puddle of happy tears!  Love Comes Softly was as good, or better, than I remembered it being when I first read it several years ago! :)

Have you read Love Comes Softly?

Have you read any other books in the series?


Elizabeth said...

A friend of mine just e-mailed me about this site. I have been reading it off and on all morning. I love your blog and everything about it! We have so much in common, for I love everything old fashioned as well and I love all the books, movies, songs etc. that you have posted about (at least what I have read so far).

Anyway, I love this wonderful new to me blog :-)

Elizabeth said...

Oh.. and I love Janette Oke's books! I think my favorite series of hers is the Canadian West series. Have you read that one?

Analiese said...

Laurie, I read the series too, recently. My favorite was the first one, but they're all good. Hope to see the first two movies again soon, too. :D

blog owner said...

After reading this lovely post...I think I will read through that series again soon myself :) I thought it very funny how Marty scrubbed the chinking out of the cabin walls trying to get them so least if I remember right,that is how it went....blessings

Hamlette said...

I love this series and the Canadian West series as well, but haven't read them in much too long. Thank you for reminding me of them!

Maddie Rose said...

I just finished Love Comes Softly last night, after reading about it on you blog. I absolutely loved it! I can't wait to read the rest of the series. Would you recommend the movie?

Anonymous said...

This is the same cover when I read the book as well, my mom had the entire series and the books for my age were much too easy for me so I started reading hers. It didn't take long before they were finished too quickly as well, and I moved on to the classics like Jules Verne, Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo, C. S. Lewis, George Eliot...oh I could go on and on!

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