Saturday, February 16, 2013

Answers to Have You Seen This? {Edition One}

These are the answers to the Screencaps Game: Have You Seen This? {Edition One} game from last week.
It was good to see so many of you have seen these films or at least recognize them!

I'm including some of my thoughts about each film and hope they are helpful to you. If you have any particular questions about any of these films just leave them in the comments. 

Have You Seen These?

Stars: Hugh Bonneville, Alex Kingston, Christina Cole, Gemma Arterton, Lindsey Duncan, Elliott Cowan
This Pride and Prejudice spin-off can be fun if watched just for what it is - one P&P fan's romp through her favorite story. The actors were actually quite well cast but there are some sexual references and crude jokes that make a few scenes iffy especially if you understand the British slang words. Also if you're a great fan of the original story the mess they make out of the character's lives can be quite frustrating.   
Favorite Quote: "Here that sound, whirrrrrr? That's Jane Austen spinning in her grave!" - Amanda Price

Stars: Hugh Dancy, Anthony Andrews, Sally Field, Eileen Atkins
This is actually my favorite adaptation of David Copperfield because the actor who plays the older David isn't boring or overshadowed by the younger David. I didn't like Sally Field as much as Maggie Smith (1999 version) in the role of Aunt Betsey Trotwood but she's okay and the other actors are very well cast. Anthony Andrews fans be forewarned that your favorite Pimpernel actor plays Mr. Murstone in this, not a very nice character. I've never read the book so don't know how it matches up with the original story. 
Watch Trailer | View on YouTube here.

Stars: Ciaran Hinds, Jodhi May, Juliet Aubrey, Polly Walker, James Purefoy
A bittersweet tale by Thomas Hardy about Michael Henchard who in a drunken rage sells his wife and baby daughter to a sailor and later repents. Years pass and Michael has done well in business, becoming the Mayor of Casterbridge, so when his wife and daughter enter his life again he tries to do the right thing but without damaging his own reputation.
I don't like this story as much as Under The Greenwood Tree but I like it far more than other Thomas Hardy stories. It is an interesting plot and most of the characters are easy to sympathize with. It doesn't have any questionable scenes (there is some kissing but my family watched it together without fear) but it does have a very sad ending that always has me in tears so be forewarned!
Watch Trailer | View on YouTube here.

Stars: Jane Seymour, Lexi Randall, Noley Thornton, Patricia Neal, Jason Robards
This delightful adaptation is a bit long but it is very sweet and a classic kids favorite in my house! Jane Seymour fans will really enjoy seeing her in another period drama role and it's also nice to see Lexi Randall from the Sarah, Plain and Tall films as Klara. 

Stars: Anthony Andrews, Olivia Hussey, Lysette Anthony, Sam Neill, Julian Glover, John Rhys-Davies
Made the same year as The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982) this adaptation of of Walter Scott's classic also stars the dashing Anthony Andrews! A tale of knights, maidens and heroic deeds this film is very well done and highly entertaining! 
Watch on YouTube Part 1 & Part 2

Stars: Helena Bonham Carter, Toby Stephens, Imelda Staunton, Nigel Hawthorne, Imogen Stubbs, Steven Mackintosh, Nicholas Farrell, Ben Kingsley
Twelfth Night is my favorite of Shakespeare's plays for it's clever wit and story of mistaken identities. This film adaptation features an all-star cast, beautiful music, a sweeping array of scenery and by the costumes is set rather convincingly in the early Victorian era. I highly recommend it as an adaptation of the play and can only think of a couple instances of innuendo that could at all be considered questionable. It is a quite delightful film! 
Watch Trailer | Watch on YouTube here

Stars: Keeley Hawes, Anna Friel, Paul McGann, Steven Mackintosh, Pam Ferris, Timothy Spall, David Morrissey
It often surprises me how many fans of Little Dorrit and Bleak House haven't seen this amazing miniseries! Bella Wilfur and John Harmon are one of my favorite Dickens couples, their story is so sweet! And there's a hidden identity and clever mystery running through the whole film. A couple scary scenes but nothing inappropriate. If you love Little Dorrit and Bleak House you must add this to your to-see list!
Watch on YouTube here 

Stars: David Tennant, Barbara Flynn, Claudie Blakely, Anna Massey, Matthew Goode, Bill Nighy, Stephen Campell Moore, Geraldine Page, Christina Cole, Geoffrey Palmer
This sweeping miniseries, based on an Anthony Trollope novel, covers the ups and downs of several different story lines through the high society and sweet countryside of Victorian England. Although the main plot of a young man's unfounded suspicions of his wife's fidelity is a bit gloomy at times the other stories bring humor and sweet romances that are not to be missed! Two of my favorite stories - that of Dorothy Stanbury and Rev. Gibson (portrayed by David Tennant) - intertwine for a time and are sweet and hilarious by turns! There are no inappropriate scenes so this miniseries and I warmly recommend it, especially if you're looking for something new!
Watch on YouTube here | Currently available to stream at

Stars: Colin Firth, Frances O'Connor, Rupert Everett, Anna Massey, Reece Witherspoon, Edward Fox, Judi Dench
I adore stories of mistaken identity and this Oscar Wilde play is the ultimate confusion and high wit. The humor is silly and clever just the way I like it and this film, thought making a few changes in settings holds to the original play rather well. The scenery, costumes, music and acting are all amazingly well done. 
For a long time when asked what my favorite movie is I'd say this one! I've watched it so many times and never tire of it!  

Stars: Ruth Wilson, Toby Stephens, Andrew Buchan, Christina Cole, Francesca Annis, Pam Ferris, Tara Fitzgerald, Georgie Henley
One of the more faithful Jane Eyre films and beautifully filmed this adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's classic contains many familiar actors. I don't all the time like the actress who plays Jane in this (some called this the "duck lips version") but most of the actors are fairly well cast. There is a little too much about Mr. Rochester's past that put a couple slightly innapropiate scenes in the film but they are very brief. Actor Andrew Buchan (Jem Hearne in Cranford) plays St. John Rivers and steals my heart every time making me wish Jane had accepted his proposal after all. This version also contains Georgia King playing Rosamond Oliver who St. John loves and a good deal of the rest of Jane's time with the Rivers family. 
Watch Trailer | Watch on YouTube here

Stars: Victoria Hamilton, Jonathan Firth, David Suchet, Diana Rigg, Penelope Wilton, Nigel Hawthorne, Patrick Malahide, Crispin Bonham-Carter, Richard Briars 
Long before The Young Victoria (2009) this miniseries about Queen Victoria's relationship with Prince Albert captured by heart and made her my favorite British monarchs of all time! It begins with their early romance and marriage and continues on through the birth of all nine children and ends with Albert's death at in his 40's. A lot of history, personal struggles and sweet memories that are skipped over in other films are shown here. There are a couple slightly questionable scenes that can be skipped if desired but it never gets overly graphic. (Mainly on the couple's wedding night they are shown preparing for bed and later in the series Prince Albert chases a street urchin through the castle and stumbles upon a half dressed couple that he later tells Victoria about and desires they both be dismissed for adultery.) The acting is fabulous and many well known faces will pop! I especially enjoy the scenes with the children and how historically accurate this film stays.       
Watch Christmas with the children clip | Watch on YouTube here.

Stars: Sarah Polley, Zachary Bennett, Mag Ruffman, Cedric Smith, Michael Mahonen
If you love Anne of Green Gables you probably are already a fan of "Avonlea" and know the ups and downs of Story Girl Sara Stanley. This show is beautifully filmed with gorgeous costumes, charming characters and entertaining stories. I regret not having scene the whole of the series yet but I have seen a good deal of it and always enjoy a visit in Avonlea! Much thanks to Miss Dashwood, Melody and  who recognized this photo as being from the episode "The Proofs In The Pudding"! 

Stars: Ann Firbank, Bryan Marshall, Paul Chapman
Even if you haven't seen this I hope you might have guessed what story this film was by the photo of Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth meeting at Mollands - the Captain is even "armed for Bath" with his umbrella! This version is the one with the hideous green plaid dress Anne wears but besides some odd costume choices this version is the longest and closest to the book. It's a bit dry at times and some of the actors seem a tad old for the roles but it's sweet in it's way and definitely worth viewing for Persuasion and Jane Austen fans! 
Watch on YouTube here

Stars: Meredith Baxter, Tom Conti, Thomas Gibson, Max Gail
A very sweet adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's story but from what I've heard a lot was changed from the original. It is a bit melodramatic at times but interesting if you keep in mind that a younger Alcott wrote this. 
View on YouTube here.

Stars: Topol, Norma Crane, Rosalind Harris, Paul Michael Glaser
This musical set in pre-revolutionary Russia has always been a family favorite and is so much fun! The songs and quote are often fit into everyday conversation at my house and 'Sunrise, Sunset', 'Miracles of Miracles' 'Far From The Home I Love' and 'Little Havilah' always bring tears to my eyes!
If you've never seen Fiddler on the Roof, shame on you! It is as classic as they come and just wonderful! *sigh* :)
Watch Trailer | Watch on YouTube here


Players Scores:
Melody - 150 points
Miss Dashwood - 130 points
Petie - 130 points
Issy - 120 points
Lttle Lady - 120 points
Alexandra - 110 points
Sarah Grace - 110 points
Tillie - 100 points
birdienl - 90 points
Laura & Elisabeth - 90 points
Kara - 80 points
Larissa - 80 points
Laufey Blöndal - 70 points
Kiri Liz - 60 points
Rhoswen Faerie Wrose - 60 points
BatZion - 50 points
Joanna Webber - 50 points
Livia Rachelle - 50 points
Meredith - 40 points
Charity U - 10 points
Kimberley G. Bowman - 10 points
Maddie Rose - 10 points

Thanks for playing everyone! :)


Laura Smith said...

Thank you so much for the you tube links. I have so much to catch up on. I didn't know so many good shows were available on there!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, so the elusive number 7 was Our Mutual Friend!! I actually just started reading the book for the first time, but I've never seen the movie. Now I really want to! Thanks for all these recommendations, Miss Laurie! I'm always on the lookout for good period dramas. :)

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

Hey.....I told the title of the Avonlea so., too! ;-)
And you named the title wrongly- it's "The Proof Of The Pudding". Sawdust pudding, to be precise.

Melody said...

Well, I must beg to differ that there is nothing inappropriate in Our Mutual Friend-- remember when Creepy Headstone takes off his clothes and throws them in the river and... erm... they show him from the back? Yeah. That. (I've never actually seen it, since I was forewarned. Haha.)

And the Avonlea episode is Proof OF the Pudding, although what you said sounds more like the saying. ;) They actually took the name from a chapter in LM Montgomery's The Story Girl. The only part of the plot that was alike was that Felicity accidentally put sawdust in pudding because it was in a can that sad something else. ;-) (Kind of like Anne with what she thought was vanilla for the cake, in AoGG, haha.)

Oh, you should read The Inheritance, Miss Laurie! Amy doesn't seem to view it very highly, but I thought it was quite a fun read. It's fairly short and easy to read, and it's fun to read something that Louisa May Alcott wrote when she was younger. :) And a sweet story. I like it better than the movie. (None of that horse-racing stuff, heehee, and also I think it's set in England--or in any case people have aristocratic titles. ;)

Elisa said...

I've seen #3, 8, 10, & 11 on A&E and PBS "Masterpiece Theater" respectively.

Mom Wald said...

I did not participate in this game, but was waited in anticipation to see the results in order to see what films you would have. After I started searching for some of them I realized that you supplied links for watching them online. YOU are wonderful. Thanks you!

Toni said...

This is cool!

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