Monday, February 4, 2013

My PDC Tag Questions Answers

Old-Fashioned Charm
I keep forgetting to answer my own tag questions for the Period Drama Challenge so I'm going to do that now.

Period Drama Tag Questions:

1. What period dramas have you watched in January?
I usually end up watching lots of things with my sister and most of those are historically set. Let's see...
Little Men (1998) - review coming soon!
Jim Henson's Arabian Nights - several period drama stars in it, not sure if I'll review it
part of Bleak House (1985) - will finish and review soon!
part of Pride & Prejudice (1980) - re-watched by myself for Mr. Collins guest post
From Time To Time - keep meaning to review this!
Treasure Island (2012) - I reviewed it here
Rob Roy - don't recommend, I skipped a LOT of it but the soundtrack is gorgeous
Neverland - a fantasy take on Peter Pan, not sure if I'll review or not

2. Do you prefer period dramas peppered with humor or laced with dark emotions?
Definitely humor! I love to laugh (cue Mary Poppin's song)! I do like some period dramas laced with dark emotions but if I spend too much time watching tragedies or sad serious things there's a feeling or desperation, worry and heaviness that comes over me that I don't like because I'm not a gloomy person by nature. Even watching Jane Eyre and North & South sometimes makes me weepy and depressed (even though they end happily!). I do love that Dickens and Gaskell pepper their works heavily with humor but Jane Austen is my favorite for the lightness and sweetness of her stories. :)

3. What was the first period drama miniseries (two episodes or longer) that you ever watched?
Maybe Anne of Green Gables? My family has always enjoyed period drama miniseries so I'm sure there must have been other films before that. Pride & Prejudice (1995) was another early miniseries I watched.

4. How many Jane Austen adaptations have you seen?
All of the adaptations available on DVD in the USA and I own them all too! So let me go count them...that's 20 films! And that doesn't count biopics and spinoffs that I've seen/own too. And when I say I've seen 20 adaptations that does mean that I've watched all of them at least three times each (yes, even Mansfield Park 1999 and Pride & Prejudice 2005!) and most of my favorites I've seen tons of times! My love of Jane Austen film adaptations is why I started Austen Efforts, a blog for collected information about all the JA films!

5. What period drama, that you haven't seen before, are you most looking forward to seeing in the future?
Well, I hope to watch the rest of Bleak House (1985) which I'd never seen before. I have a few things on my Netflix instant queue such as Romeo & Juliet (1968), The Robe (1953) and Titanic (2012). I also still really want to watch Les Misérables (2012) but will probably have to wait for it to go to DVD.

If you haven't answered these Tag Questions yet go ahead and do that now. You can answer these questions in the comments below even if you're not joining in the Period Drama Challenge.

And if you haven't joined in the Period Drama Challenge there's plenty of time left!


Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Of the period dramas that you're looking forward to, I've seen The Robe and Titanic (2012). I thought both were good, though I may have to rewatch The Robe if I'm going to review it (it's on my Instant Queue too). Titanic (2012) was interesting (but be prepared to watch the Titanic go down four times); I was so disappointed that there was no Patrick Crawley on board though!

Can't wait to see what else you'll review! :-)

Katie said...

I love Anne Shirley. Just had to pop in and say that.

birdienl said...

I didn't know there was a Little Men adaptation of '98! I'm looking forward to your review. I've read the book last year and really liked it.

Anonymous said...

I know I've never commented on your blog before, but I find it very enjoyable to read. I couldn't resist answering the tag questions, even though I am not participating in the challenge (I don't have a blog).
My answers are:
1. Little Dorrit (2008)- I read the book and enjoyed it a lot, but the movie wasn't as great. It was kind of melodramatic and a lot of the moral of the book was missing.
2. Probably humor, in most cases, unless the humor in the movie either doesn't make me laugh or is crude.
3. Well, I did watch Anne of Green Gables first of all, but I didn't watch the sequel, so I don't think that would count. Then, I guess the answer would be Emma (2009).
4. Um, let's see. I guess I'll only count the ones I've watched completely (not fast-forwarded through or missed parts of), so that would be six.
5. I'm looking forward to finishing Anne Frank - The Whole Story (2001), though I'm not sure that counts as a period drama. Other than that, I don't know what other period drams I will watch.

Thanks for the fun tag questions! Sorry for not leaving a name, but I can't think of a pseudonym right now and I don't really want to leave my real name.

Risa said...

I've just finished watching Anne of Green Gables and its Sequel for the challenge. I'll have my review up later, though. In Jan I watched only Twelfth Night (1996) and I liked it very well. However, I had watched it before the 7th of jan, so won't be counting it in for the PDC.

I hope you enjoy The Robe! I've watched it several times when I was quite young. I intend watching g it again for the PDC since it has been at least 15 years since I last saw it.

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