Thursday, February 28, 2013

Period Drama Caption Contest Poll!

The poll is up so you can vote for your favorite caption from the Period Drama Caption Contest going on this week. You may vote for up to two favorites! If you entered a caption you can still vote and it's fine to vote for your own captions.

Caption Entries:

Caption #1. "I probably shouldn't have eaten that third tart." 

Caption #2. "Girl, those shoes... with that outfit?"

Caption #3. "The blue sprigged muslin or the pale green satin....?"

Caption #4. "Paper Cut"

Caption #5. "What do you mean Lady Dedlock discovered my secret about collecting teddy bears?!"

Caption #6. "I can't believe I belched out loud".

Caption #7. "My new false teeth weren't fitted right".

Caption #8. "I have corn stuck in my teeth again".

Caption #9. "I hope you saw her petticoat, brother. Six inches deep in mud, I'm absolutely certain."

Caption #10. "Sink me! The man can't even tie his own cravat!"

Caption #11. "Dear me... what did I mean to say?"

Caption #12. "Mmm... I believe there was too much salt in the cookie dough."

Thank you to all who entered!  The winner will be announced this Saturday (March 2nd) so vote now! 


Hamlette said...

Caption 12! Can I vote for it twice? If so, Caption 12 again!

Colin Michael said...

I'd say he looked as if he were blowing kisses, but who to? Unless it is his own reflection in a hand mirror!

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