Monday, June 10, 2013

Answers to Have You Seen This? {Edition Four}

These are the answers to the Screencaps Game: Have You Seen This? {Edition Four} from last week. Y'all did a great job even though these proved to be harder than previous games. 

Thanks everyone for your patience this week, I'm so very sorry these are up so late! No game this week, it's another super busy week for me. 

Period Drama Screencaps:

Screencap #1
Stars: Jeremy Northam, Rebecca Pidgeon, Gemma Jones, Nigel Hawthorne, Aden Gillett
This little known film set in Edwardian London tells the story of the Winslow family's fight for justice when their youngest son is wrongfully accused of theft and dishonorably discharged from naval academy. They seek the help of barrister Sir Robert Morton who argues their case admirably and brings about changes that will effect the family forever. 
I personally love this film although I know some may find it a tag boring with all the legal quibbles (my mom always fall asleep when we watch this!). The family stick together through thick and thin and their banter is so witty. Family friendly and highly recommended! 

Screencap #2
Stars: Ioan Gruffudd, Julia Sawalha, Barbara Flynn, Paul McGann, Robert Lindsay, Jim Carter, Greg Wise
I watched this series a while back and remember it being excellent but I actually don't remember too much about it right now. I'm thinking this one is my favorite because I remember the story better than the others and remember really liking Greg Wise's character along with seeing Julia Sawalha looking so lovely. Watch these films with a weather eye, they are mostly family friendly but they are high seas adventures after all.

Screencap #3
Answer: Emma (1972)
Stars: Doran Godwin, John Carson, Donald Eccles, Constance Chapman, Debbie Bowen
Probably the most boring of the older BBC Jane Austen adaptations but it is painstakingly close to the book and I still enjoy watching it from time to time. I do like this Mr. Elton quite well and Mrs. Elton's dresses are amazing! Definitely recommended for any true Janeite. :)

Screencap #4
Stars: Matthew Macfadyen, Logan Lerman, Eddie Fox, Orlando Bloom, Ray Stevenson, James Corden
I reviewed this film a while back when I first watched it and truthfully I haven't watched it again since. It was fun but only Matthew Macfadyen and the costumes would make me want to watch this film again. You can read my full review here for more information on the objectionable things.

Screencap #5
Stars: Sarah Jones, Haylie Duff, Jordan Bridges, Cloris Leachman, Patrick Duffy, Lou Diamon Phillips, Erin Cottrell, Annalise Basso
Second to the last in the Love Comes Softly series this is probably the film I've seen the most times. It's odd because the last actress to play main character Belinda was bubbly with curly redish-brown hair and the actress who plays the character here is blond and moody. It's a sweet story that includes orphans and a town in desperate need of a doctor. A cute film and definitely family friendly!

Screencap #6
Stars: Jeremy Northam, Cate Blanchet, Rupert Everett, Minnie Driver, Julianne Moore
This film was made just before The Importance of Being Earnest (2002) and featured the same screenplay writer/director Oliver Parker and actor Rupert Everett also stars.  
While I enjoy this film it isn't quite as brilliant as the play and one of the funniest moments didn't come accrost as hilarious as it could have been. There are a couple scenes that are slightly questionable but otherwise it's a fun period drama film.

Screencap #7
Stars: Bruce Greenwood, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Madeleine Stowe, Gretchen Mol, Jennifer Tilly, James Cromwell
The spoiled rotten and utterly unlikable rich kid George Amberson becomes horrified when his recently widowed mother rekindles her relationship with the wealthy Eugene Morgan, who she left decades earlier in order to marry George's father. As George struggles to sabotage his mother's new romance, he must deal with his own romantic feelings for Morgan's daughter and the consequences of his meddling as his once great family falls into ruin due to his machinations.
Sound sad? Well it is a bit but it's also quite fun and beautifully done. I don't usually like period films set in the USA but this one is quite interesting. There are a couple very sad scenes but nothing really questionable. Gretchen Mol plays Lucy and she is just gorgeous and such a nice character in this film as is Bruce Greenwood as her father Eugene Morgan. 

Screencap #8
Stars: Sally Hawkins, Rupert Penry-Jones, Anthony Head, Alice Kringe
A lot of people seem to really like this version of Jane Austen's Persuasion and while it's nice to me it leans on the side of the melodramatic which Jane Austen novels are not in general (some of her Juvenalia is, hehe). It is beautifully filmed and I do like several of the actors quite a bit. A must see for any period drama fan. :)

Screencap #9
Stars: Jessica Biel, Rufus Sewell, Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, Eddie Marsan
In turn-of-the-century Vienna, a magician uses his abilities to secure the love of a woman far above his social standing and thwarts the plans of a ruthless prince.
Whether you are interested in magic or not this is an interesting story with beautiful costumes and scenery and amazing preformances. I've seen it a few times but always forget that it is period set. Besides a couple scary scenes with the magic there is one questionable scene but it's pretty easy to skip over without missing any important dialog. It also contains a real mystery that is clever and a sweet love story.
Watch Trailer | Watch on YouTube | Film Clip (if you like magic tricks or Rufus Sewell this is a very fun clip!)

Screencap #10
Stars: Derek Jacobi, Alec Guinness, Sarah Pickering, Joan Greenwood, Miriam Margolyes,  
I reviewed this film not too long ago and compared it to the marvelous 2009 film. There were somethings about this film that I really enjoyed but overall it's very slowly paced. If you've read the book you'll probably enjoy the various refrences to that. 

Screencap #11
Stars: Toby Regbo, Eddie Izzard, Rupert Penry-Jones, Philip Glenister, Donald Sutherland, Shirley Henderson, Daniel Mays
As much as I love the book I love this film even more! I reviewed it recently and really want to watch it again. Such a fun film and you can't go wrong with a high seas adventure!

Screencap #12
Bonus Question: The period drama actors are Anton Lesser & David Bamber
Stars: Renee Zelweger, Ewan McGregor, Barbara Flynn, Emily Watson, Phyllida Law, Lucy Boynton, Bill Paterson
If you've seen it you know how wonderful it is and if you haven't seen it then you're really missing out! A must see with a side of Kleenex! :)
Watch Trailer (two actors from photo above are featured at the beginning of the trailer)

Players Scores:
Melody - 105 points
Emma Jane - 100 points
Sadie Ann - 90 points
birdienl - 85 points
Issy - 75 points
Anonymous - 70 points
Kara - 70 points
Katie Wegner - 50 points
Elisabeth Grace Foley - 45 points
Sarah Jane - 35 points
Kiri Liz - 30 points
Madeleine Durand - 30 points

Which of these films are your favorites?
Which do you want to see soon?


Anonymous said...

Though I didn't participate in the game (because I knew too few of the answers), I was glad to see you included The Winslow Boy. It always makes me excited to see that someone has watched a film I liked a lot but that I thought no one else had heard of. The film is especially interesting to me because it is based off a true event.

Of the other films you included there, I have watched Persuasion and Miss Potter, both of which I enjoyed.

Thank you for these "mini" reviews - it gives me ideas for more period dramas to watch.

Elisa said...

I've seen #2, 7, & 8.
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is certainly younger looking before his later roles as Elvis and Henry VIII.
It's been awhile since Horatio Hornblower sailed the seas on A&E! The channel has moved into other things besides drama productions. Well, there is the movie with Gregory Peck in the lead role; the story line is based on the later novels.

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