Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Regency Life In Art

In the past couple weeks I've encountered several paintings that depict scenes of Regency life. 
This is purely a Regency eye candy post. 
Enjoy the dresses, bonnets, hairstyles, scenery and elegance of the time period!

While browsing through these beautiful works think of the story behind each painting. Some such as Love Will Triumph and At The Garden Gate are quite intriguing!

 Dare I
Charles Joseph Frederic Soulacroix (1825-1879)

 Elegant Lady and Her Whippet
Jules Worms (1832-1914) 

 La Soire 
Vittorio Reggianini (Italian 1858-1938)

 The Proposal
Alois Heinrich Priechenfried

 Love Will Triumph
Charles Haigh Wood (English 1854-1927) 

Francis Sydney Muschamp (British 1851-1929)

No Getting Over-Snowed Up at the Church Stile
1905 - Lucien Davis

The Kiss
Wilhelm Menzler

At The Garden Gate
Charles Sillem Lidderdale

 The Dancing Lesson
Vittorio Reggianini 

 Thoughtful Moments
Charles Haigh-Wood (1856-1927)

Which painting is your favorite? 
What stories do these scenes suggest?

Have you ever heard of these artists?


Analiese said...

Fun post! My favorite is La Soire - the silk dresses look so real and the faces are beautiful. Thanks for sharing! :D

Analiese said...

Lovely! My favorite is La Soire - the silk dresses are so realistic and the faces are beautifully painted. Thanks for sharing! :D

Hamlette said...

Wow! Some of these are so intriguing! I love the satin gowns in La Soire -- can you imagine how difficult it was to catch the way satin falls and shines? Amazing -- almost in the realm of photorealism!

And the subtext in The Proposal, with the kitten toying with a ball of yarn... which of the two people is toying with the other? I think the woman is not particularly inclined to accept, so perhaps it is she.

Love Will Triumph is also intriguing -- and almost photorealistic too! Wow. That gauzy shawl is a triumph itself.

Thoughtful Moments makes me think of Emma, the scene where Harriet shows Emma her little treasures related to Mr. Elton, and Emma is all, "What is this bit of cotton?"

So entertaining! Thanks for sharing this treasure trove.

Shaolin said...

Found your site today, I like it alot. I love the pictures of the painting, beautiful. I like your wallpaper too!

Elisa said...

The last one is featured on the cover of a Lady Emily mystery novel titled "Dangerous to Know" by Tasha Alexander.

Stephanie said...

I believe "The Thoughtful Moments" . is on the cover of Barnes and Nobles printing of Mansfield Park. :)

Melissa Hozey said...

I love the painting called The Proposal! The kitten is so charming. It looks as though the gentleman was helping the lady wind string, but was overcome with emotion and had to profess his love. While doing so, he dropped the ball of string, which rolled to the floor, much to the kitten's delight! Such a sweet moment in time captured there.

birdienl said...

Oh wow, these are stunning! Where ever did you find them all? My favourites are The Dancing Lesson and the untitled one from Muschamp.

Elizabeth said...

My favorite is "At The Garden Gate" but I love them all.

At the Garden Gate is so thought provoking though. It really stirs the imagination :-)

Larissa said...

so beautiful! I love At the Garden Gate with her somber expression and what looks like a note she is afraid to give to someone. I also love her blue dress- tasteful and gorgeous. I also love The Dancing Lessons- so joyful!

kaymck89 said...

These are all lovely. I often like to find stories in painting. I can't decide about "Love Will Triumph"; Are there two daughters, or a daughter and a mother? If there are two daughters, then the young gentleman has just spoken for the one pleading with her father, but the other loves him as well. However it could be that he lady pleading with the father is the mother, And the daughter is too frightened to say anything. This is fun! Does anyone have other ideas?

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