Saturday, May 2, 2015

Faces Of Period Drama Games {7} - Answers!

These are the answers for the Faces Of Period Drama Games {7} from last week. Thanks for playing!

Period Drama Faces

Face #1
Actor: Simon Woods
Period Drama: Cranford
Character: Dr. Frank Harrison

Face #2
Actor: Christina Cole
Period Drama: Emma (2009)
Character: Mrs. Augusta Elton

Face #3
Actor: Maggie Smith
Period Drama: David Copperfield (1999)
Character: Betsey Trotwood

Face #4
Actor: James McAvoy
Period Drama: Becoming Jane
Character: Tom Lefroy

Face #5
Actor: Keeley Hawes
Period Drama: Our Mutual Friend
Character: Lizzie Hexam

Face #6
Actor: Tobias Menzies
Period Drama: Persuasion (2007)
Character: Mr. William Elliot

Face #7
Actor: Billie Piper
Period Drama: Mansfield Park (2007)
Character: Fanny Price

Face #8
Actor: Tim Pigott-Smith
Period Drama: North & South (2004)
Character: Mr. Hale

Face #9
Actor: Julia Sawalha
Period Drama: Cranford
Character: Jessie Brown

Face #10
Actor: Douglas Booth 
Period Drama: Great Expectations (2012)
Character: Pip

Face #11
Actors: Robert Hardy
Period Drama: Sense & Sensibility (1995)
Character: Sir John Middleton

Face #12
Actor: Victoria Hamilton
Period Drama: Mansfield Park (1999)
Character: Maria Bertram Rushworth

Players Scores:
Esther Ronaine - 35 points
Miss Sneyd - 33 points
Naomi Bennet - 29 points
Emma, Plain and Tall - 27 points
Olivia - 27 points
Kelsey Carnes - 20 points
Anacostia Mirabow-Marignac - 15 points
Evy Cartyr - 0 points

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