Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Flowers - In Pictures

Happy May everyone! This spring is moving fairly fast in my area. There are flowers blooming everywhere and trees are fast gaining their leaves. April showers have brought many May flowers to my garden (well they really grow all around our yard). So come on in and enjoy the brilliant colors and patterns of spring!

Yellow daffodils were the first to bloom by the front walk. They were bright and happy but are fading now.

The purple azalea bush out front bloomed and passed very quickly. Most of the blossoms are now on the ground, a bit sad because the bumblebees love this bush.

Not sure what this little flower is, looks a little bit like a daffodil. My sister found this blooming all by itself.

These violets really love the back yard near the foundation of our house. They seem to spread further each year.

Another shrub-like bush, I really like the colors on this one.

The forsythia bush bloomed wicked early this year and was so full of beautiful blossoms! It's fading now but the flowers still retain their lovely golden yellow.

The quince bush bloomed full and well shaped this year after the last two years being fairly sparse. The bright red blossoms are my favorite color.

Close up of the quince blossoms. They are so bright grow in pretty clusters. Later in the year they bear the quince fruit but it's usually too hard to do anything with.

Our lilac bushes are starting to bud and they smell delicious! Lilacs are my absolute favorite flower ever and I'm so glad they bloom everywhere here in Maine. I can't wait to see their purple and white flowers open up!

Three little pansies blooming all by themselves. I love their bright colors and friendly colors.

And we of course can't forget the dandelions which although technically a weed are still bright and cheery. These always remind me of my childhood days when my siblings and I gathered bouquets for mama or made chains out of the flowers.

A view from our deck down to our neighbors house. I love this one because it reminds me of a meadow and a country cottage. The grass sure has grown up fast!

Miss Bea took this picture of the clouds in the late afternoon sunshine.

The clouds were so puffy and the sky so blue yesterday. A totally beautiful day!

I pray that you are having a blessed day!

Miss Laurie :)


Haley said...

Beautiful pictures!

LadyBug-Laurie said...

Thanks Miss Haley! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello!I am from Romania and I have seen that you have a little picture with a white flower that looks like a daffodil=) In Romania, it is called 'narcisa'..I thought that it might be interesting for you to find out it's name in another language ^_^

LadyBug-Laurie said...

Thank you Anda, it sort of did look like a daffodil but I just wasn't sure. That's so interesting that they are called narcisa in Romania, thank you for sharing that with me! :)

God Bless,
Miss Laurie

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