Sunday, April 25, 2010

Old-Fashioned Victorian Home

This past Tuesday morning I set out on a day trip down the coast with my friend Karis and her mom. The weather was bright and warm and they let me get some driving practice in. We went to several fabric shops and enjoyed the beautiful colors and patterns!
Just about lunch time we stopped at an old Victorian house that Karis and her mom had seen on a previous trip. When I drove into the driveway I just stopped and stared. It's such a great big rambling place! Thankfully I brought my camera with me, but the battery was low so I only got pics of the inside.

The Captain Nickel House was built in 1874 by former sea Captain Albert Vinal Nickels for his wife Elizabeth and their 5 children (and they had 2 more children while living there). It was turned into an Inn in the 1980's and was very successfully used not only for tourist's Summer holidays but also for weddings and special events.

Besides being quite grand there are so many features about this house that makes it special. There are so many windows and a few are well preserved stained glass! A few large bay windows add charm to the two down stairs parlors, and the parlors also have marble fireplaces! Brick walk, huge front porch, horse figurine lamp posts, a bench, arbor and fountain featuring a statue of Triton. The gingerbread trim on the front porch and on the eves of the house have a flower and star design which is very unique.

In the backyard there is a rather large fountain and a path down to a small beach area. The view is lovely, a perfect setting for relaxation! The house has been for sale for about a year now, and before that it was rented out as apartments so the landscaping and some of the paint needs a bit of work. But the view of the harbor stretching out to the sea is spectacular!

Above is a view of the back of the house from the path that goes down to the beach. From this angle it looks a bit like a sea captains ship with the rounded three story veranda and widow's walk and cupola on top. Behind that great veranda is a spacious ballroom adorned with chandeliers beautiful wall sconces and polished wood floors.

I did get a chance to go inside this empty house and found that the previous renters left it in a bit of disarray. It does need some TLC! Even though we could never afford such a large place, my friend and I enjoyed entertaining the idea of fixing it up as a Bed & Breakfast and Conference Center. It would be so much fun to decorate the rooms and rent them out, and also open the Inn up for pastor's and missionary's families. The ballroom is the perfect size for Bible conferences, home church meetings, concerts, plays, contra dance balls, small weddings or birthday and anniversary parties! There are two parlors, two libraries, countless bedrooms and bathrooms, a huge kitchen and a great mahogany staircase.

We three ladies had such a special day and visiting the Captain Nickel House was the highlight of the day for me. It's so much fun to scheme and dream!
I love the above photo because I can just imagine a group or ladies in Victorian bonnets and bustles or a neatly groomed beau standing on that front porch waiting to call on the ladies of the house. I love old-fashioned things and Victorian homes just fuel my imagination! I even have a story idea brewing.

I pray you are having a blessed Lord's day!

Miss Laurie :)


Miss Jen said...

Wow... what a beautiful, amazing
Victorian House!!!! :)

Blessed Lord's day to you!

Love~ Jen

Meg said...

This house is gorgeous. I love all things Victorian. It would be great to hole up here on a rainy day, curled up in the library, friends over for tea. What a gorgeous house and a lucky family who lived there. Where is it located?

LadyBug-Laurie said...

It's located near Camden, Maine with views of the sea. A perfect tourist's location, seaside retreat. :)

Meg said...

That's great. I graduated from highschool in Rockland and now live in Portland. Small world, eh? I love Maine. Couldn't live anywhere else!

Brenda said...

First...LOVE your blog. Just the most wonderful things! Second, on 25 April you posted pictures and comments about the Capt AV Nickels Mansion. I too love old houses and this one certainly needs lots of care. My husband and I are in the final stages of purchasing it this month and will be moving to Maine in April to begin renovations. We plan to open it again as an Inn (B&B) by this summer. Please plan on coming by one afternoon in late summer for Tea. We'd be proud to show you what this grand ole place looks like when she is all cleaned up! Brenda Liston

Anna Maude said...

To Brenda Liston, who posted a comment in January,2011.
My husband and I stayed at the Captain Nickels Inn in August 1991! It had recently been purchased by Bev and Brian Buyers - what a beautiful location - they were still fixing it up - lots of work, the place is huge!! Would love to come visit again - do you think that you will be open this summer? Do you have a website yet? Thanks! Anna Maude

Brenda said...

To Anna Maude, reference the Captain A.V. Nickels Inn in Searsport....YES, we will be open this summer. My husband Mike is already there and we're in the process of renovations (the building was empty for 2 Maine winters!). We do not plan on any real structural changes, just getting her Ball Gown put back on her! Please come and visit. My phone number is 757 329-4095. I'll be there next month...can't wait! Brenda Liston

Brenda said...

Anna Maude, thanks for your return comments. I'd love to hear stories about your stay at Captain Nickels. YES, we will be open this summer. My husband, Michael, is already there doing some updates to the Lady's Ball Gown (internal beautifying after being empty for 2 Maine winters). Please plan on stopping by. My phone number is 757 329-4095. I'll be there next month...can't wait! Brenda Liston

Miss Laurie said...

Thank you SO much for your comments on my blog! I'm very excited to hear that you're opening the Captain Nickels Inn, that's wonderful! It would be wonderful to stop by for a visit this Summer! Thanks for the invitation and your phone number!

Anna Maude, I'm so glad this post was helpful for you. Thanks for your comment!

Rachael said...

Your photos are fantastic! We had the pleasure of eating dinner at the AV Nickles Inn last night. We were on our way home and on a whim stopped and asked if they served dinner if we were not staying there. "Yes we do" said Mike. How excited I was to hear that! Our dinner was Just delightful, and the chance to wander the Inn was what I had always wanted since I have driven by but never have been inside. Our evening can be sumed up as magical, and I can not wait to go back!! Thank-you Mike and Brenda for you kind hospitality and wonderful dinner....Rachael and Michael Stonington

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