Monday, June 20, 2011

Contestant Sneak Peek - Day Three

Are you ready for a final sneak peek at one of our 60 contestants?

Here's the last one:

Ivanhoe 1997

Starring: Ciaran Hinds, Steven Waddington, Susan Lynch, David Horovitch

Synopsis: This grand six-part adaptation of Sir Walter Scott's rousing adventure of the Middle Ages tells the epic tale of the idealistic young knight Ivanhoe and his battle against the evil Templar Bois-Guilbert. Caught between the rivalries and religious struggles are Ivanhoe's betrothed Rowena (and the brave, beautiful Jewess healer Rebecca, who wins Ivanhoe's heart with her courage. All set against the historical backdrop of a Britain straining under the corrupt rule of Prince John while Richard the Lionhearted fights in the Crusades. The uniformly superb cast etches vivid characters and the length allows the novel's rich array of subplots to play out (including appearances by Robin Hood and his men and the Black Knight) and slowly wind together for the exciting conclusion.

Historical Era: Medieval England, story by Sir Walter Scott 

Film Review: Charity U over at Austenitis very kindly reviewed this lesser known period drama especial for us, I am very pleaed to share her review with all of you!
I found another lovely review at Charity's Place.

Cast List at IMDb

Don't forget to check out another sneak peek at Elegance of Fashion!

This is the end of our six sneak peeks! There are only two more days before Round One will be posted and all 60 contestants will be revealed! 

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Charity U said...

So glad I could help! I'm looking forward to this. :) Let me know any other way I can contribute! And also thanks for the link. My blog traffic is really picking up, due in part to you. :) Thanks so much!

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