Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Period Drama Film Tournament - Round One!

Welcome to Round One of our Period Drama Film Tournament presented by Old-Fashioned Charm & Elegance of Fashion

Don't forget to visit the Main Tournament Page and link to the tournament using one of the official tournament banners!

This round there are 60 Film Contestants randomly matched up in 30 polls. Polls are split between our two blogs so don't forget to vote in all 30! 

Without further ado, here are the Round One Matches:

-Polls on Elegance of Fashion -
Vote in Polls 1-15 on Elegance of Fashion

Poll 1: Sense and Sensibility (1995) & The King's Speech (2010)

Poll 2: Lark Rise to Candleford (2008-2011) & Little Dorrit (2008)

Poll 3: Jane Eyre (2006) & Ever After (1998)

Poll 4: Bleak House (2005) & Amazing Grace (2006)

Poll 5: The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982) & Downton Abbey (2010 - )

Poll 6: Becoming Jane (2007) & Persuasion (2007)

Poll 7: Woman In White (1998) & Importance of Being Earnest (2002)

Poll 8: Nicholas Nickleby (2002) & House of Eliott (1991-1994)

Poll 9. Pride and Prejudice (1995) & The Lost Prince (2003)

Poll 10: The Moonstone (1997) & Jane Eyre (1983)

Poll 11: Upstairs Downstairs (2010) & Emma (1997)

Poll 12: He Knew He Was Right (2004) & Anne of Green Gables (1985)

Poll 13: Great Expectations (1999) & The Inheritance (1997)

Poll 14: Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1995) & Our Mutual Friend (1998)

Poll 15: Daniel Deronda (2002) & Ivanhoe (1997)

-Polls on Old-Fashioned Charm -
Vote in Polls 16-30 on Old-Fashioned Charm

Poll 16: Middlemarch (1994) & Mansfield Park (1983)

Poll 17: David Copperfield (2000) & Miss Potter (2006)

Poll 18: Little Women (1994) & Cranford (2007/2009)

Poll 19: Under the Greenwood Tree (2005) & Sense and Sensibility (2008)

Poll 20: The Barchester Chronicles (1982) & Miss Austen Regrets (2008)

Poll 21: Northanger Abbey (2007) & Persuasion (1995)

Poll 22: North and South (2004) & The Young Visitors (2003)

Poll 23: Emma (2009) & Ballet Shoes (2007)

Poll 24: Wives and Daughters (1999) & Victoria and Albert (2001)

Poll 25: The Young Victoria (2009) & Lorna Doone (2000)

Poll 26: Pride and Prejudice (2005) & Emma (1996)

Poll 27: The Old Curiosity Shop (2007) & Far From the Madding Crowd (1998)

Poll 28: The Way We Live Now (2001) & Silas Marner (1985)

Poll 29: The Mayor of Casterbridge (2003) & Mansfield Park (2007)

Poll 30: Oliver Twist (2009) & An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving (2008)

Having a hard time deciding on who to vote for? Check out our Contestant Reviews post to find more information and read our reviews of the Film Contestants! 

What do you think of our match-ups? 
Which Film Contestants are you cheering for?  

Have fun! You only have a week to vote!


Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

The hardest poll for me is the 1st one! I love both Sense and Sensibility and The King's Speech! I might have to think about that one for a while!

Jemimah C. said...

I'm excited to vote for this tournament! It'll be rather difficult choosing which ones to vote for, especially if two movies in one poll are my favorites! I haven't seen a lot of these period drams so I'll be skipping a lot of polls.

Melody said...

17: That's hard!! I like both of those a lot! *sigh* I think I'll have to decide later...
18: Oh no! Another hard one! >.< Little Women? Or Cranford? Er...hmm.
19: Well, I'll take advantage that I haven't seen Under the Greenwood Tree yet (although it's on hold) and vote for S&S. It's Jane Austen, after all.
20: I'll have to read a review for the Chronicles one.

21: Uh...Persuasion. (Sorry, Miss Laurie! It's not really that I dislike NA, it's just there are some things in that version I don't like.)
22: North and South!!!!!!
23: EMMA!!!!!!!! (I hope that version gets to the top!)
24: Wives and Daughters
26: Oh dear! Those are two Jane Austen movies I think were more modern...but I have less objections for Emma, that's what will get my vote.
27 & 29: I'll have to read reviews.

This is so much fun! Thank you Misses Laurie and Elizabeth!

Charity U said...

Delightful! This is so fun. :) And btw, don't feel compelled to read this whole comment. ;) I left the first section over at EoF.

Oh, btw, LOVE the banner at the bottom of this blog. :) Great job as usual, Miss Elizabeth! It's one of my favs. :)

Poll 16: Neither. I don't think I've seen those.

Haven't seen the ones on Poll 17 either.

But on Poll 18, I'm going for Little Women. THough I know I'll love Cranford.

Haven't seen any Poll 19 or 20 ones.

Finally! There's my favorite Persuasion. :) Definitely voting for it.

Well, I've seen N&S, but I don't want to vote for it...

EMMA! Wait, there's a movie of Ballet Shoes? Just read that book again. Anyway, Emma definitely gets my vote. <3

Wives and Daughters. I like that one.

Haven't seen any Poll 25.

Poll 26...I guess the 2005 P&P, because I can't recall seeing that Emma, though I think I have. That particular P&P was okay. Just not as good.

27...can't even recall hearing much about those!

28--haven't seen either. But I read Silas Marner and didn't really enjoy it. Not voting there.

I have seen that Mansfield Park! With Mr. Elton for Edmund... :P I thought he was ugly for that part even before seeing Emma. And the girl's mouth is too big. IMHO. But I'll vote for it.

I'm going for Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving. It's an Alcott, isn't it? So.

Okay, that's all. :) Oh, you should do a book tournament sometime. ;)

Mel said...

Oh, I LOVE this tournament. Every pairing i'm like "oh my, that's my favourite movie" or "I love that movie" which makes it impossible but SO much fun to vote for!
I was so happy to see Lorna Doone! It is very quickly becoming a favourite film of mine :)

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

I'll be looking back and forth between Elegance of Fashion and Old-Fashioned Charm for questions, so if you have any questions, you can leave it either here or at Elegance of Fashion and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Jemimah C,
It's difficult for me too for two movies that I like. Sometimes, I have to wait a couple of days before voting in a poll because I like both movies so much.

I think you might like Under the Greenwood Tree. It's kind of like a mixture between a Jane Austen novel and Cranford. It had a happy tone to it. I still haven't voted in that poll since I also liked that S&S too. The Barchester Chronicles was really enjoyable: it had Alan Rickman (Colonel Brandon in S&S 1995) in it (except he was much younger).

Thank you! And yep, An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving is an Louisa May Alcott short story. A book tournament might be interesting; I'll keep it in mind (I need to come up with a list of tournament ideas: I get so many comments for good ones!) Thanks!

I'm glad you're enjoying this tournament! I haven't seen Lorna Doone, yet. I hear about on some other blogs that I follow.

Melody said...

Miss Bennet,
My mom and I just watched it last night. It was tolerable enough. haha But I like the 2008 S&S better.
("tolerable enough" is what Darcy said on the 1940 P&P. ;-) )

I finally decided to vote for Little Women...Cranford is ahead, and I thought LW deserved another vote. :P Still haven't decided on 17, although I might vote vote David Copperfield...although I really like Miss Potter too! Grr!

It's *sort of* an Alcott story. :P We've had an illustrated version, made to look like a picture book, of that short story for years that we get out every Thanksgiving. The movie is hardly anything like it. Pretty much just the same names. :P
I still enjoyed watching it, though.

Melody said...

I mean, of course, -vote for- David Copperfield.

I have been in such a hurry of late.

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