Saturday, June 18, 2011

Contestant Sneak Peek - Day Two

Ready for another sneak peek at one of our 60 film contestants? 

Here we go:

Under The Greenwood Tree

Starring: Keeley Hawes, James Murray, Ben Miles

Synopsis: The heroine of our tale is lovely Miss Fancy Day, though born in the small country town of Mellstock, Fancy has been well educated and her father desires a rich marriage for his daughter. Talented and pretty Fancy is soon pursued by three men: rich Farmer Shiner who her father prefers, poor country tradesman Dick Dewey, and high minded Parson Maybold.

Historical Era: Victorian England, story by Thomas Hardy 

Film Reviews: Miss Elizabeth and I have both recently reviewed this film. Read our reviews at Old-Fashioned Charm & Elegance of Fashion for more info on this lovely period drama! 

Cast List at IMDb 

Don't forget to check out another sneak peek over at Elegance of Fashion!

Be on the lookout, there are two more contestants yet to be revealed!

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Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

I really liked this movie. It was really easy to watch and uplifting.

Mel said...

Yay! I'm glad this one is included in this tournament :) Its such a lovely film!

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