Saturday, March 3, 2012

Answers to the Period Drama Hat Quiz

These are the answers to the Period Drama Hat Quiz that I posted last week.

My apologies for the mixed up numbering and there was even a duplicate hat! I was quite tired and rushed when putting together the quiz video!
There were 70 hats in all, players guessed which period drama the hats come from and which character and actor are wearing the hat in each photo.

One point was awarded for each correct answer so the maximum score was 210 points.

The original quiz video is here if you'd like to play for yourself before viewing the answers:

Now for the Answers Video:

I love the music! :)

Player Scores:
Melody - 133 points
birdienl - 116 points
Elizabeth - 114 points
Sarah Grace - 103 points
Sarah - 91 points
Miss Dashwood - 90 points
Jemimah - 77 points
Charity U - 37 points
Scullery Maid - 27 points
Eva-Joy - 24 points

Much thanks to everyone for playing!

New game coming soon.


Miss Dashwood said...

This was a lovely game and I enjoyed watching the answers video! What really amused me was when Mr. Elton rudely snubbed Miss Smith on the soundtrack and then said "Excuse me, Mrs. Weston," and just then the picture of Mrs. Weston came up (at 4:05) and she's kind of smirking a little. Of course it's not the same Mrs. Weston, but I was still amused.


Melody said...

Ugh, I was SO CLOSE to guessing Jane Eyre for hat #7!

Ah! 24 was Jane Bennet's hat! Pretty...

Oh! I got the highest score, swell! =D I'm surprised!

I was going to say Juice of Barley! But I didn't want to bother commenting again. ;-)

I'll be noticing hats more on movies after this! ;-)

Oh! I think you forgot the answer on 70?

Lovely game! I can't wait to check out the JA quote post.... *excitement*

birdienl said...

I don't think I've got as good a memory for hats as for dresses, because for some of the answers I really face-palmed when I saw them. Ofcourse... Well, from now on I'll probably pay more attention to hats when watching a period drama!

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