Friday, March 16, 2012

Film Review: Leap Year (2010)

I rarely review modern day films but in honor of St. Patrick's Day I wanted to review Leap Year (2010) because it's a recent favorite of mine and a fun film set in Ireland.

This film won't be for everyone so if you're not interested in modern comedic romances or Irish themed things just ignore this post.

Story: Anna Brady from Boston has always thought the story her father told about the Irish tradition of ladies proposing to their guys on February 29th was a silly idea. But when Anna's boyfriend Jeremy, a busy cardiologist, fails to propose to her she follows him to Ireland to pop the question. Bad weather forces her plane to land early so Anna must continue to Dublin by land and she enlists the help of Irish pub owner Declan O'Callahan to drive her. When his junky old car dies they must travel by foot, bus and train without killing each other - let the hilarity ensue!

Scenery: Gorgeous! Many picturesque views of Ireland including glens, cliffs, shorelines, rugged country, rolling hills and stone castles! Every scene is filled with beautiful color and richness.

Music: A mixture of original score with an Irish sound, Irish reels, pub classics and a few pop songs. The original soundtrack has some lovely songs and can be purchased from Amazon.

Costumes: Anna has some very cute feminine outfits but some low necklines. I loves her dress at the end, so sweet! She often wears $600 heels which are ridiculous for walking cross country. Declan has a smart jacket which I liked a lot. All clothes are modern but tasteful.

Acting: Some of the reviews I've read say the acting is terrible especially the fake Irish accents the Irish residents have. Some of the accents aren't great and some of the phrases and stories they tell are a little clique but still very charming and funny.
Amy Adams (Enchanted) who plays Anna is totally cute with her red hair and clumsiness. She's so pretty and I really enjoyed the mischief her character gets into. Matthew Goode (He Knew He Was Right) is a favorite and his portrayal of skeptical Declan is clever even though the Irish accent he dons isn't perfect. Together they made a very cute pair!

Objectionable Content: Because this is a modern and secular film there is some slightly objectionable content that gives the film a PG rating. Anna and her boyfriend have been "together" for four years and plan to buy an apartment together without getting married. On their trek cross country Anna and Declan stop at a Bed & Breakfast where they pretend to be married so the strict owners will let them stay. During dinner the other married guests kiss and tell Declan to kiss his "wife" so he and Anna share a kiss that lasts a bit longer than expected. Because the B&B owners think Anna and Declan are married they are given one bedroom which has no door on the bathroom and although they comically fight over the bed they both end up sleeping in the same bed but stay on their own sides. At a party Anna and Declan go to Anna has a bit too much to drink and is sick all over Declan's shoes. There is some slight language and name calling.

My Thoughts: This is a modern day romantic comedy that has a lot of cute and hilarious scenes. The love story is sweet but kind of fluffy. This film is definitely a chick flick and the view of Irish people and the accents used are kind of cheesy. But as a fun fluffy romp through beautiful Ireland I actually really like this film. Anna is a very sweet character with silly romantic notions and her trek across Ireland helps her too step out of her busy life and take a look at what really matters. *spoilers* As a hero Declan likes to have some fun teasing Anna about her city ways but when it come down to it he protects her, wants to make her happy and reminds her what's really important in life. *end of spoilers*
So overall this is one of my favorite films to watch around St. Paddy's Day and for me it's just a lot of fun.  

My Recommendations: Like I said this film won't be for everyone because of some of the slightly objectionable content so although it's rated PG I'd probably but this film at ages 13 and up. But if you happen to have a TV filter such as ClearPlay is would probably take out any objectionable language or scenes.  This is a modern film so again my period drama fans may want to just skip this post.

Have you seen Leap Year (2010)? What did you think of it?
Do you have any films you enjoy watching for St. Patrick's Day?

Very Truly Your's,


Ella said...

Thanks for the review!
I have heard of this movie and it sounds good.
With the objectable content though,I don't know if I "ll watch it.

Lauren said...

My best friend saw this last year, and knowing how much I love Ireland, told me that I MUST watch it. I still have yet to, but most certainly want to! It looks like a really fun movie:-)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this movie! I was just thinking of watching it tomorrow, if i can get my hands on it in time. Another good Irish movie is "The Stone of Destiniy".

Mom Wald said...

ADORE this film!!! Saw it for the first time just before Christmas last December. Begged, begged Hubby to get it for my stocking. Good Boy that he is, I have my very own copy that I share with my friends as soon as I can talk them into it. So far everyone has loved it.

It is witty and whimsical, and just when you think its over, you get a happy ending. Sigh...

Sara Lyn said...

I really enjoyed this movie. It's super cute and the scenery is gorgeous. I wish they had cleaned up those few things. It would have made a good movie great.

Stephanie said...

I watche this tonight with my sister, it has become a favorite of mine. I must confess this is where I first met Marthew Goode, and I only watched "He Knew He Was Right" and "Confessions of an Ugly Step-Sister" because I liked him in this so much.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, I didn't even realize Matthew Goode was in He Knew He Was Right!!! Or I probably did know, but completely forgot. I just looked him up, and found a video of him specifically in that series. :) I prefer him in Leap Year though, out of everything I've seen him in.

Mary Beth said...

I thoroughly enjoyed Leap Year...and have watched it many times. :) Someone else suggested Stone of Destiny...I recently watched that one. I liked it, except for the language (wouldn't watch it again cos of that, unless it were edited). Not Irish though, Scottish. :) Perfectly fine with me though since I also love Scotland. ;)

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