Saturday, March 17, 2012

Louisa May Alcott Unscramble Game - Answers!

These are the answers to the Louisa May Alcott Unscramble Game that I posted last week.
It was delightful to see how many of you are familiar with Alcott's characters and works!

Louisa May Alcott was born November 29, 1832 and died March 6, 1888. Her first work Flower Fables was published in 1849. The work we now know as Little Women was published in two parts - Little Women: or Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy in 1868 and Good Wives in 1869 but today they are usually published together. There are two sequels to this tale which are Little Men (1871) and Jo's Boys (1886).
Even though Alcott is best known for Little Women she wrote many other stories including An Old Fashioned Girl (1870), Under The Lilacs (1878), Jack and Jill: A Village Tale (1880), The Inheritance (1849, unpublished until 1997), short story An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving and my two personal favorites Eight Cousins (1875) and Rose In Bloom (1876).  
For more information about Louisa May Alcott's life and works I highly recommend the delightful biography Invisible Louisa by by Cornelia Meigs.

Puzzle Answers:

Female Characters
1. MADASSEA BTHILTT - Mathilda Bassett (An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving)
2. REMP CABEOSLL - Rose Campbell (Eight Cousins & Rose In Bloom)
3. EDELH ADITON - Edith Adelon (The Inheritance)
4. PLTOO MLLYIN - Polly Milton (An Old Fashioned Girl)
5. AYC MAMRH - Amy March (Little Women)

Male Characters
6. TAURENRE LHEODOCE - Theodore Laurence (Little Women)
7. JROO BOHNK - John Brook (Little Women)
8. MPC CABEAMLL Mac Campbell - (Eight Cousins & Rose In Bloom)
9. FRERICHAH BRIED - Friedrich Bhaer (Little Women)

10. TTE IHERNNHIACE - The Inheritance
11. LOMELE WITTN - Little Women
12. ON LAS FAHIIRNED GLOD - An Old Fashioned Girl
13. EUSIT COIGHNS - Eight Cousins
14. UHILA TND LCEERS - Under The Lilacs
15. RONO MI BLOSE - Rose In Bloom

Players Scores:
Ella - 50 points
Jemimah - 48 points
Lit~Lass - 48 points
Sarah Grace (In His Wings) - 48 points
Naomi - 42 points! Good job!
Emily Ruth - 41 points
Melody - 41 points
Scullery Maid - 40 points
Charity - 37 points
Rachel Olivia - 34 points
Anne-girl - 29 points
birdienl - 28 points
Stephanie - 28 points

Thanks so much for everyone who played!

Which Louisa May Alcott works have you read?
Which are your favorites?


Lit~Lass said...

I realized I actually have read "An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving" but so long ago I didn't remember the character's names. (It's a short story, isn't it?)

When I was younger I wanted Rose in Bloom (EC has less plot) to be made into a movie too. Now I think it probably wouldn't reach most people's requirements for a movie, since it's not well-known and doesn't have real plot twists. And (contrary to what my pre-teen brain thought) I could never write an enjoyable screenplay of it, since I'd probably make my favorite chapter -"Among the Haycocks" - the center of the film, with copious quoting from Milton, Keats, Thoreau and Emerson. I've decided I'm kind of glad that it's an unadapted and relatively unknown work, so it can feel especially mine. lol

Ceska said...

Little Women is about 4 sisters the oldest Meg, the tomboyish Jo,sweet Beth and little Amy. Through many things the girls never forget what is important, their family. The book progresses as the girls grow older and it is a great novel. My friends know I'm a fast reader but they took one look at it and told me that it looked so boring that they bet me it would take me weeks to finish. Boy were they surprized when I was on the first page a week later, they said "told yah so" and I said that they were wrong and I was rereading it! I became so ingrossed in it that they accutually let me tell them what it was about and they hate reading.

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