Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Is In The Air!

The last few days where I live have been surprisingly and unseasonably warm! Spring is officially here and I think it's here to stay!

In honor of this delightful season Old-Fashioned Charm has been redecorated in purples, greens and flowers! In my header, left sidebar and new blog button Amy Dorrit and other Little Dorrit characters are lending their smiling faces to brighten up the place! :)

This was my lovely St. Patrick's Day header:

Also for anyone interested my background was this lovely shamrock swatch tiled:

I'm quite pleased with the way the St. Paddy's Day theme looked so I might reuse it next year. :)

For anyone interested in a change here is a new blog button with a coordinating Amy Dorrit theme:

Old-Fashioned Charm

I'm also testing out a couple new Amy Dorrit signatures.

What do you think of the new Little Dorrit theme?
Has the weather been warm where you live?


Bekah said...

We are getting an early spring here in SK, although this week, in one day, we had rain, hail, and snow, along with thunder and lightening. We could still be in for another cold snap.

I love the new look!!! SO pretty!!!

♬ Jemimah ♬ said...

I L-O-V-E then look Miss Laurie! I think this is my favourite one yet.
Here in Australia we are just going into Autumn now. But our summer has been REALLY warm, which was nice! I wish we were going into spring at the moment, that would be SO nice!

Melody said...

Ooh OOOH ooohh! Amy Dorrit! I love Amy. And the background...! And the colours!!!

Beautiful. *dreamy sigh*

Melissa said...

Weather is starting to get a little warmer here in southern BC. Like the new theme.

Anonymous said...

I ADORE the new theme!!! =) Amy Dorrit is probably my favorite heroine.

The weather has been rainy, but warm here in OK!! But that's okay cause we really needed the rain!

Scullery Maid said...

Well, in Tehachapi last week we had snow(a very great deal of it) but the past couple of days have been very nice indeed. I love the new look, for Little Dorrit is a great favorite of mine. In fact, it's one of the reasons I like the '05 version of P&P so much(Mathew McFadyen!).

Naomi said...

I LOVE your new theme!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! (:

Charity U said...

Love it! :)

Ella said...

I like it!
It is very springish:)

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