Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jane Austen Mothers Throwdown Results

These are the results of the Jane Austen Mothers Throwdown from last week. There was a total of 56 votes. Thank you everyone who voted, I hope you had fun reading about the different Jane Austen mothers as well!

Here are the poll results:

Which Jane Austen mother is your favorite?
Mrs. Weston - 48%
Mrs. Morland - 21%
Mrs. Bennet - 20%
Mrs. Dashwood - 9%
Lady Russell - 2%
Lady Bertram - 0%

So our winner is...

Mrs. Weston!

Poor Miss Taylor..."Mrs Weston Papa!"...excuse me, I should Mrs. Weston now, should not I? So sorry! :-)
Dear Mrs. Weston became part of the Woodhouse family when Emma was but five years old and was really the only mother figure Emma knew. Though in many ways they were like sisters rather than mother/daughter, Mrs. Weston was a wonderful role model for Emma - kindhearted, elegant, gentle, loving, sweet tempered and sensible. I love Mrs. Westons's story, from respected governess and companion, to being rewarded for her faithful service by having a kind husband, large house and bonny baby of her own! Jane Austen was more kind to "Poor Miss Taylor" than most governesses of the time period would have expected to be treated. 

Here's an interesting question: 
Do you think Mr. & Mrs. Weston would have more children after Little Anna? 
If yes then how many more Little Westons would there be and what might they be named?


Abilaine said...

OH... I am glad she won! Very gald. :)
I've always thought she was so calm and quiet and I've not really thought about her having a daughter! I think she might name another little girl 'Emma' or 'Carlote'. And she might name a little son after the father.

But anyway. Am glad she won the throwdown.


Bekah said...

I am happy Mrs Weston won. She had my vote :)

There was such a sweet spirit about her....

Yes, I do think they'd have more children. But never really thought about how many or names. :)

Kirk said...

I agree with Emma being a name for another Weston baby! I wonder if she would name a little son(if more than one) after Mr. Woodhouse?

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