Saturday, May 26, 2012

Period Drama Caption Contest

You've probably seen these type of games before but this is the first time I've hosted one at OFC. 
Below are screencaps from three different period dramas which made me chuckle just looking at them. Your job is to come up with witty captions for the scenes below. 

Example: Perhaps the pic might make you think of a line from a song or a quote from another film or even just a clever conversation based on the expressions of the characters.

To Play: 
--Leave up to 3 witty captions for each screencap in a comment (you don't have to do captions for all three photos, just whichever you want). 
--In your comment please tell which number screencap you are leaving captions for.
--Please keep captions free of offensive language or content. 
--Later in the week I'll either put up a poll for readers to vote for their favorites or choose my favorites and winners will be announced next Saturday.
--Have fun and go ahead and comment on other reader's captions if you wish!

Screencap #1

Screencap #2

Screencap #3

I look forward to reading everyone's captions! :)

P.S. My family and I are having a moving sale this weekend (hence the no-tallying-scores-for-me game) and would appreciate prayers that almost everything we need to get rid of will sell. Thanks!


Emily said...

#1 Mr. Woodhouse will be happy to know this child is free of disease.

Jemimah :-) said...

#3: Girl: Do you like my new hair?
Guy: She hogged the bathroom for hours this morning.

Scullery Maid said...

#2 But there was such a shocking lack of satin!(Mrs. Elton)
I think it rather hard to be loved whether I like it or not.(Rose in Bloom)
Really, you have no compassion for my poor nerves!(P&P)
#3 You're mad to think I'd marry you, too ragged you are!(from "the Saucy Sailor Boy")
You do not ask me for a riddle.
Your whole personality is a riddle. I thought you over-qualified.(Emma)
Isn't my new gown lovely?
I'll imagine that I like it.

Jillian B said...

1#- What a delicious baby!
3#- Forgive me if I kept you waiting, I had a difficult time finding a suitable hairstyle.

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