Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Today I Am...{2}

Painting by Ernest Ange Duez

Not much except for answering e-mails and writing a few posts for here. When I was packing up my room I found a completely empty spiral bound notebook and the sight of it made me rather sad. I wanted to stop packing and fill its blank pages with a fun story, but I knew I had too much to do. Also sorting through my papers that have story ideas on them gave me some untimely inspiration. So I've determined than when I am finally unpacking in my new home I will take some time for some serious writing and put the empty notebook and my story ideas to good use!

My reading time is quite limited now but when there is time in the early morning or late evening I enjoy reading my blogging friends' delightful posts and commenting where I have time. This past weekend I packed all of my Jane Austen novels and other classic books and my bookcases were moved so my room looks rather bare now! :-(  I did leave a couple books out to read on our trek down to Kentucky.

Music keeps me going! My iPod is often playing whether it's the BBN Radio App or Pandora App or any of my favorite English and Irish folk music in my playlists. 

YouTube videos of trailers, clips and behind the scenes stuff from my favorite TV shows from time to time. I did recently watch the 10th anniversary concert of Les Miserables and yes Amy and Alexandra I do know how amazing it is now! Look for a post very soon!

Well in true Margaret Dashwood (1995) fashion: "We have been enjoying some very fine weather. (Receives look from Marianne) What? But we have!" 
The weather has been very warm lately but on cloudy days like today I enjoy looking at CatalogLiving.net's hilariously funny posts about the eccentricities in modern home decorating catalogs! This weekend my sister, my dad and I took a break from packing to read some of them and we were all literaly in tears with laughter and giggles! Here's some of my favorite posts: Rope a Dope, Creature Comforts, Writing the Book on Torture, Not My Type, Strung Along, The Great Escape, Packing It In, Foreign Policy and Pillow Talk.

Pastor's message in church on Sunday was a great reminder that God is always in control of my past, present and future. It is God who made me, provided Christ's perfect sacrifice so my sins could be forgiven, called me to repentance, redeemed me from my fallen state, gave his Holy Spirit to guide me and has led me this far by grace. It is also God who has called me to serve Him day by day and has given me the talents and abilities I have so it is God who I must use my talents for, Him I must do my best for wherever He plants me and Him I can safely trust with my unknown future. Going to Kentucky is an exciting prospect but it is also a bit scary because it's a new place, new people, new problems, new blessings and some days I certainly feel I'm in over my head. But God has led my family and I this far and as the days go by and we prepare to go we see again and again that His is preparing the way ahead and has plans for each one of us. God is so good!

Hungry. Isn't it time for dinner yet? Oh! I remember now, it's my job to make dinner these days. But I don't mind, I love to cook and am glad to take it on so mama can keep packing. Last night's dinner was Parmesan crusted chicken with tomato and zucchini risotto, so yummy! I'm very thankful for easy and delicious recipes like from Pampered Chef!

Getting together with my friend Karis this week since she's going to be in town. I haven't seen her since Christmas so it will be good to catch up and tell what the Lord has been doing in each of our lives lately. It will also be a bit sad to say "good-bye" for a longer time.

That I could instantly teleport to different states so I could meet all of my sweet blogging friends! 

Cold pineapple on the warm sunny days, so delicious and refreshing!

What are you doing today?


Jessica said...

I love Catalog Living, too! Haha It's so hilarious....

Alexandra said...

SO glad you enjoyed Les Miz!!! Can't wait to hear all about it! :)

Miss Woodhouse said...

I've awarded you!


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