Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lucy Maud Montgomery Unscramble Game - Answers!

These are the answers to the Lucy Maud Montgomery Unscramble Game from list week.

Thanks for playing everyone!

Lucy Maud Montgomery was born November 30, 1874 and died April 24, 1942. Many of her delightful books weave together experiences and circumstances from her own life growing up on Prince Edward Island. Her stories of precocious youngsters and kindred spirits are certainly timeless classics.

Female Characters
1. AEHI SNEYNRL - Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables books)
2. EARRY STMIL - Emily Starr (Emily of New Moon books)
3. SAAT SEYARNL - Sara Stanley (The Story Girl)
4. JETU SANART - Jane Stuart (Jane of Lantern Hill)
5. MEACYL SURIT - Muriel Stacy (Anne of Green Gables)

Male Characters
6. TETYN KEDD - Teddy Kent (Emily of New Moon books)
7. GRYTHET BLILBE - Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables books)
8. METHBEW CUATTHRT - Matthew Cuthbert (Anne of Green Gables)
9. SLHYEYT BLHIRE - Shirley Blythe (Rilla of Ingleside and other Anne books)
10. DYIT KEAVH - Davy Keith (Anne of Avonlea and other Anne books)

11. EYOFN WO NEO MMIL - Emily of New Moon
12. TER SORLY GITH - The Story Girl
13. JTEE OR LANLANN FIHL - Jane of Lantern Hill
14. ANVO NE AOEAFNL - Anne of Avonlea
15. RNLFA GO IILDELESI - Rilla of Ingleside

Player's Scores:
Miss Dashwood - 57 points
Jemimah - 57 points
Bekah - 53 points
Melody - 49 points
Jillian - 47 points
Mary Beth - 45 points
Rose M - 37 points
Ella - 22 points

Which of Lucy Maud Montgomery's works have you read? Which is your favorite?


Jessica said...

I believe I have read all of LMM's books and most or all of her short stories.
I am partial to Anne's House of Dreams and the Rilla book, but it is hard to pick a favorite. ;-)

Miss Melody said...

Ooooh I figured #2 was Emily and unscrambled the last name as Starr, but then I put off guessing it and ran out of time. Oh well. ;)

Gibson Girl Edwardian Fashion said...

Looks like it could be the Welsh translations of the names...

Jemimah :-) said...

I love all her books, but I think Anne of Avonlea would have to be one of my most favourites.

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