Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today I Am...{3}

This post, comments on friend's blogs, e-mails, journal entries and I even allowed myself to jot down a story outline today so I'll be more prepared to start writing when I finally have some time.

New blog posts and older blog posts from my friend's blogs and just catching up a bit since I had some time yesterday and today.

To folk songs like 'The Crystal Spring' and lots of songs from the Les Miserables musical

In the afternoons when I'm caring for my elderly lady we sometimes watch older shows like The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, Big Valley or even Wind At My Back which I'm really getting into. They're all very fun family shows!

At rain, rain, rain. On Tuesday there were very bad thunder and lightening storms and downpours in my area and we're supposed to get more later this week. I'm very glad it didn't rain this past weekend so we were able to have our yard sales!

To be even more patient while we continue to wait for God to work out the details of our move to Kentucky. I thought we were being patient but sometimes the way is a bit bumpy and it seems God is teaching us to rely on Him fully for everything. I can truly say God's ways are best though!

Incredibly blessed but tired. This past weekend my family and I held a yard sale and it was amazing to see the amount of what I call "junk" spread out on the lawn. It was very hard work getting it all set out the first day but we had sweet friends who helped us and more sweet friends stopped by to encourage us and buy things. It was a very fun but tiring day especially once everyone had gone and we had to bring in the leftover "junk" by ourselves, I have never been so sore or tired in my life! (boxes of books are the worst!) The next sale day was a bit easier and more friends stopped by to encourage us. We were blessed to be able to sell two vehicles, most of the larger pieces of furniture and lots of the books and both days brought in quite a bit of money to be added to the moving fund! God is very good! :)

Hmm...June maybe?...not sure what really except for the move. Maybe moving into and decorating my new room! The house we're buying (Lord willing and working out the details) has a large room over the garage which will be mine and the room has slightly angled ceilings so that it almost looks like an attic. I've taken to calling it "my little attic" and feeling quite like Fanny Price who lives in "the little white attic" at Mansfield Park! And another lovely thing, the name of our street sounds rather like a grand country house from a Jane Austen novel which suits me perfectly! :)

My Little White Attic!

I had remembered to wear sunscreen on Saturday so that I didn't have such a bad sunburn right now! My siblings always tan so nicely but my pasty white skin burns so easily and then blisters, peels and leaves me with only a slight color. Right now my dad has taken to calling me a "lobster" because I'm so red! hehe 

Carrot sticks with ranch dressing for dipping and watermelon. It's summertime and the fresh fruits and vegetables are what I'm craving these days! Also chocolate milk, but maybe that's because there's leftover Hershey's Chocolate Syrup from our ice cream sundaes this weekend and no more ice cream to put it on! :)

I'm also loving one other lovely thing that has incredible music and the most interesting characters but that's supposed to be a subject for another post and it's already sneaked it's way into my {listening} section above! :)

So what about you? what are you up to today?
Do you sunburn easily or love chocolate milk?
How would you decorate my "little white attic"?


Anne-girl said...

I awarded you!

Miss Dashwood said...

Hmmm, that one other lovely thing you're loving... what COULD it be? o.O

Heeheehee. I know I've said it so much that you're probably tired of hearing it, but I am SO glad you've become a fangirl and joined in our crusade. :D

I do love these "today I am" posts-- and now I want some chocolate milk. :D

Stephanie said...

:) I think your "Little White Attic" needs an old fashioned writing desk (that looks like Jane Austen's) for writing stories and long hand written letters.

Elisa said...

You could put a bit of the chocolate syrup into your milk and an instant chocolate milk after a good stir!

Miss Melody said...

I love your white attic. As well you know. :D It looks so deliciously book-ish.

Oh, no... now you're going to be posting about Les Miz, too. *wails* I feel so forlorn and friendless...

Sorry. That was very rude of me. But I've been feeling the strange urge to zap out of the blogging world for a few weeks and go hide in a corner somewhere, away from this craziness...

I am joking, of course. ;D (Well... mostly. :P)


An Old-Fashioned Girl said...

May I suggest some cute gingham or maybe floral curtains for the attic window? Also, I too am fond of chocolate milk- or anything chocolate for that matter!

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