Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello everyone! Thanks for your many prayers about my huge move, God answered those prayers and helped my family and I get through all the hard work and many hours of driving to Kentucky with relatively little trouble. When we arrived we did have some concerns about when we would be able to move into our new house but everything is going along now, we got the truck unpacked in one day all by ourselves, and are working slowly on unpacking boxes and settling into our new home. I hope to post a bit more about our move a little later in the week.

So I'm officially back in the blogging world but not quite totally back to blogging full time because there's still lots to unpack and I'm expecting this summer will be fairly busy. Film reviews might not come along as swiftly as I'd like because I haven't had much chance to watch anything or even refresh my memory on any old favorites. I am hoping to get a game every week started up again so look for a new game this coming Saturday!

In the meantime you will notice that I have changed the decorations on Old-Fashioned Charm, this time with a Wives & Daughters theme and the orange color is supposed to reflect Summertime.

The March to June 2012 Blog Header was a big hit:

This is the wallpaper I used: 

And my Please Comment button was also received with many giggles:

The previous blog button can be found on the Link To Me page and there's a new blog button that, thanks to the easy to use PicMonkey.com, has a bit more flair than my other buttons have had.

Link to me:
Old-Fashioned Charm

It's good to be back! Thanks for your patience as I make this transition.

What do you think of the new blog design?
Are you a fan of Elizabeth Gaskell's Wives & Daughters?


Jemimah C. said...

I'm glad to hear you have quite settled in from your move. And I'm glad to see that you are back! The new design is delightful! I love Wives and Daughters. Molly Gibson is a dear.

Kiri Liz said...

I love Wives and Daughters! And I think the orange color for summer is very cheerful!! Kiri Liz :)

Bekah said...

I love the new look, as yes, I am a fan of Wives & Daughters! It's quite a bright n cheery look~ good job on it!!

Miss Dashwood said...

I love the new look--and welcome back! :D

Mel said...

*Hugs* I am so glad you're back! And thankful that everything went well concerning your move. I can't wait to here all about it. The moment I opened this page I was very pleasantly surprised with the new theme. It looks absolutely beautiful and I cannot help but be cheered up by the bright colours and Roger Hamley's smiling face!

<3 Mel

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Yay! You're back! :-)

Welcome back! I'm glad everything went okay with the move. The new layout looks great! Can't wait to see what new posts you have in store for us readers!

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful new blog design...I adore it! I am very fond of Wives and Daughters, although I have never read the book.


AJ said...

Welcome Back! :)

I really like the new design. The colors are cheerful and "summery".

I'm glad to hear your move went well. Praise God. We will all be anxious to hear about your move and new adventures. ;)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Thank you all for the very warm welcome back! You all are the best! :)

Jessica said...

Love your new blog design! You are very talented. :-) Yes, I adore Wives and Daughters, the book and the movie.

An Old-Fashioned Girl said...

I'm glad you're comfortably settled, and I love the new blog look!

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