Saturday, June 9, 2012

Of Guest Posts and Friends' Events

Well I thought I was taking a blogging break but I just wanted to mention a few things before I go.

Comments - I'm setting comments back to post automatically so feel free to comment on new or older posts as much as you wish and I'll read them when I get a chance.

No Game This Week - Sorry everyone! If you're itching for a game take a look at the list of past games on the Games page.

Guest Posts - Keep an eye out this coming week at my dear friend Charity's blog Austentis for a series of guest posts by your's truly and a few other blogging friends. I was hoping to keep this surprise a little longer but will of course be away when they are scheduled to post. All my Jane Austen fans won't want to miss them!

Check out Jane Austen's Emma Week hosted by Miss Woodhouse at Elinor, Elizabeth and Emma and Abilaine at Miss Emma Woodhouse! They are planning a lot of interesting posts including tag questions to answer, games, contests, fan fiction and character posts. These young ladies have put a lot of work into this event so I encourage all of you to stop by during the week ahead and leave lots of comments! :)

Yet Another Period Drama Blog
The Les Miserables Concert Comparisons event is still going on over at Yet Another Period Drama Blog and Dirt and Dickens so if you're a Les Miz fan I encourage you to check out all of the delightful posts from this event! Thanks Amy and Payton, your posts have been so charming as always, only wish I'd had more time to comment! :)

Okay, bye ya'll! :)

Very Truly Your's, 

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