Saturday, June 2, 2012

Period Drama Caption Contest - Results

I was a little disappointed with the amount of caption entries that came in for last week's Period Drama Caption Contest but many thanks to the four lovely readers who entered. 

Instead of having a poll I'm just going to post the entries that were sent in and ya'll can let us know which captions made you giggle.

Screencap #1
Mr. Woodhouse will be happy to know this child is free of disease. - by Emily

What a delicious baby! - by Jillian B

Screencap #2

But there was such a shocking lack of satin! (Mrs. Elton) - by Scullery Maid

I think it rather hard to be loved whether I like it or not. (Rose in Bloom) - by Scullery Maid

Really, you have no compassion for my poor nerves! (P&P) - by Scullery Maid

Screencap #3

Girl: Do you like my new hair?
Guy: She hogged the bathroom for hours this morning. - by Jemimah

Forgive me if I kept you waiting, I had a difficult time finding a suitable hairstyle. - by Jillian B

You're mad to think I'd marry you, too ragged you are! (from "the Saucy Sailor Boy") - by Scullery Maid

You do not ask me for a riddle.
Your whole personality is a riddle. I thought you over-qualified. (Emma) - by Scullery Maid

Isn't my new gown lovely?
I'll imagine that I like it. - by Scullery Maid

Many thanks again to those who submitted captions!

If you thought of a caption while reading this post feel free to put it in the comments.


Kiri Liz said...

#3... "I'll imagine that I like it." This one made me laugh the hardest! Love it! :)

Sarah said...

Oooh, did I ever think of some captions...

#1"Why, Mrs. Weston, that's remarkable! What is the recipe?" (Take on Cranford)

#2 William: "I wish these women would just stop talking and pass me the fruit. "

Miss Elizabeth said...

I thought of one for #3: "Good morning, sister. Oh! One moment, there is a pin sticking into my head, and it is ever so painful, ah, there, almost got it, dear me, I really should take more care when putting up my hair, it seems it always-" "Please take this girl out for a walk or something, dear sister, she has been talking incessantly all morning..."

Jemimah :-) said...

I think the ones that made me laugh most were the ones that Sarah did. And all the others are cool too, but I can't really laugh too much at mine, I never seem to be able to think up good caption for screen caps. Oh well, never to mind. Perfection comes with practice. But it was SO fun reading others suggestions.

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