Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today I Am...{4}

This is my first Kentucky edition of Today I Am... so excuse my exuberance about this new place I find myself in! heehee :)

This post, cards and letters to friends in Maine and occasionally jotting down more plot ideas for my latest story. On our drive from Maine to NY, from NY to Kentucky I was collecting interesting names from road signs and store signs - it was a lot of fun jotting down the names and thinking how they might fit into one of my stories or might turn into a story of their own! :)

I actually didn't do as much reading on our trip as I thought I might, it was more interesting looking about me and chatting with mom and my siblings. So recently besides catching up with blog posts I missed I've been enjoying reading from my Jane Austen Devotional Book a few times a day. 

Recently during the day when I think of a song and start humming it I have been pulling out my iPod and listening to it on the spot. Several of the songs are from Les Miserables but also hymns, folk songs or show tunes. 
Also my sister and I were watching Celtic Woman's Believe concert last night (it's probably my least favorite of their DVD concerts but we hadn't seen it yet) and the song Nocturne has been in my head today and apparently Bea's too because she's brought the YouTube video up on my computer several times today. It's strange because Chloe is probably our least favorite singer from Celtic Woman but the tune is so melodic and gorgeous! heehee :)
Oh! And I've been rather addicted to listening to Ramin Karimloo's voice and realized that I'd enjoyed him singing Till I Hear You Sing (from POTO sequel Love Never Dies) long before I'd loved him as Enjolras in the Les Miz 25th Concert.

My mom's birthday was on Monday so I made her this in lieu of a real cake.

Celtic Woman, Josh Groban and Les Miz videos on YouTube. Also the comedy and amazing salvation testimony of Christian comedian of Jeff Allen (My Heart, My Comedy DVD was a gift for my mom's birthday on Monday). It made me laugh hysterically and then cry majorly! 

View from my window
At my new neighborhood, there is a flowering rose-like bush right out my bedroom window that is much admired by me several times a day as I sit typing at my desk. 

My room - sort of bare right now because I haven't unpacked everything yet.

Incredibly, incredibly blessed! There is so so much to praise the Lord for! Each day since last Friday I find myself from time to time sitting and staring about me in amazement at the huge and gorgeous house that the Lord has provided for us! Each time we go to a restaurant the food tastes amazing and each time we go to a store we not only find that they're closer but we find so many interesting things to look at and much lower food prices than in Maine (you should of heard us exclaim over the low prices in the produce and dairy sections of our local grocery store! haha). Sunday we drove around in the country part of our neighborhood and even found a sweet little park that's near the river! Kentucky is a very interesting state and it's so much fun to explore! My dad is loving his new job too - he's already making good friends with his co-workers and has so many ideas that they are very interested to hear! God really is so good! Life is not without it's problems but God is blessing amazingly right now and we're just praising Him!

"Shelves in the closet. Happy thought indeed!" - Elizabeth Bennet, P&P

The closing for our house which should be tomorrow - finally! It's a rather long story but basically the closing (or formal purchase where papers are signed) was supposed to be the day after we got here but over three days it kept being delayed and while waiting we had to stay in a hotel and pay extra rent on the moving truck. Finally last Friday the house sellers agreed to let us rent the house temporarily until the closing. It was a huge relief to be able to unpack our moving truck (all in one day - boy was that a load of work!!) and sleep in our own beds that night! This week the closing has continued to be delayed because of the sellers not having their paperwork straight but it looks like tomorrow mom and dad will be able to sign all the paperwork and make the house officially ours! It will be easier to unpack boxes then, because now there's still a slight feeling of "oh no, what if the seller's change their minds?", but we are so close!

{wishing or rather praying}
My family and I are praying for a good church to attend. We had research churches online but we had a scare this past Sunday when the church we visited was very little like what their website presented! 
After dad talked with his co-workers there are a few other churches on our list to try but we're running into the problem of the churches having either good music or good preaching and not both. And after having to drive half an hour to get anywhere in Maine we're praying for a church that is near by. It's always interesting visiting new churches... :P

They pile up the cheese!
Life at the moment! Our new house. My three kitties who made the trek cross country surprisingly well and have now settled in so comfortably! My new room that is so spacious and my closet has so much room! Cincinnati style chili on everything from spaghetti to hot dogs to french fries! Going to Golden Corral after not having been in almost ten years was really tasty too. Oh, and Chick-Fil-A! Yes, we've had to eat out a lot when we first got here in KY but I'll be glad when we can really start cooking in our new kitchen.

Been a while since I've posted a photo - here's me and my trusty laptop!

Thanks for praying!
Again thank you all so very much for praying for me and my family as we made the long trek to Kentucky. It was super exhausting work loading (but we had some help) and unloading (all by ourselves) the moving truck. Our drive from Maine was divided into two days of driving with a day in between to visit family and dear friends in New York state. The longest part of the trip was going from NY to KY because it was all new territory to us, but God helped us through all of the little difficulties along the way. 
We are in Kentucky safe and sound and unpacking boxes in our new home that we enjoy immensely! 
There's many new experiences that lie ahead but we know God will continue to guide us all the way.

What songs are at the top of your favorites list right now?
Have you ever had Cincinnati style chili?
Which of the two paintings in this post are your favorite?


Abby said...

It's so interesting to hear about your new home! It must be ever so exciting to have moved to a different state :) It's always so fun to explore and experience a new place. Best of luck with finding a church! And I'm glad to hear the kitties have settled in so well :')


Anne-girl said...

Sounds like you're loving your new home. I love your bedroom, so pretty!Been awhile since I saw a pic of you. I forgot how pretty you are!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Aww! Thank you Anne-girl! :)

Elisa said...

I saw the Celtic Woman "Believe" concert on PBS. Somehow it's just not the same as their previous concerts...

Church hunting can be interesting!When we first moved to Maryland 14 years ago, there were 2 Catholic parishes within driving distance of our rental townhouse at the time. We went to both before settling on the one downtown. We've been going there ever since then.

Carissa said...

Welcome to Kentucky.

K. Barrett said...

Your day sounds full and interesting. I do enjoy your blog. Please accept this award from me. You will find it at my blog, Hidden Orchards.
Here is the link:

Jessica said...

Glad you are getting all settled in!
I sympathize with you in your search for the right church! It can be SO hard to find. And you would be very blessed to find it within a 1/2 hour drive, I think.
Good churches are getting scarcer than kindred spirits these days.;-)

Mel said...

What an adventure you've had over the past week or so. I'm glad you are finally settling in and that the papers will be signed soon so you can all relax and begin to make your house your own. Your bedroom is beautiful. It is almost exactly as I imagined and the window is darling!

Little Lady said...

Your room looks so inspirational! I've always wanted to live in an upper room like that, I would love it! lol I DO love your new header as well!

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Sorry this comment is a little late. I'm glad everything went okay. :-)

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