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My Emma Week Tag Questions Answers


Almost two weeks ago Miss Woodhouse and Miss Abilaine hosted a delightful Jane Austen's Emma Week
With all my trekking across the country I was very sad to miss it, but it's been very nice to catch up on all of their lovely posts. Firstly I'd like to give both of them a hardy round of applause for all the hard work that they put into each of the many posts! *applauds heartily*
Secondly, I wanted to get in on the fun by answering the Emma Tag Questions they posted, so my answers are below.

Did you read the book or watch an adaption first? 
Watched an adaptation first, well sort of. My first meeting with Emma came when I found one lone cassette tape of a BBC radio drama of Emma at a thrift store. The tape was part 2 of 4 so I didn't even get the whole story, but I loved listening to it over and over again and scheming about how the story would end, the big question in my mind was "Who will Harriet marry?" All of my questions were answered when my mom bought a VHS copy of Emma (1997, Kate Beckinsale) and I watched that with my family over and over again - that's probably when the 1997 version has a special place in my heart even though it's not the most faithful version. Later I watched all of the other adaptations, read the book for myself and bought a full set of the BBC radio drama on cassette so I could enjoy the whole thing! :)


How many times have you read Emma?
Once all the way through on my own, but I've listened to my Emma audiobook version several times and also re-read my favorite chapters from time to time.

Your favorite adaption is?
The 2009 film version because it is more faithful to the spirit and content of Jane Austen's work and characters and it's just such fun to watch! Emma 1997 is my second favorite and has a special place in my heart because it's the first adaptation I ever saw.

Does Emma’s matchmaking ‘skills’ annoy you?
Oh yes! Haha! She definitely can get very annoying and you feel like shaking her and telling her "Robert Martin and Harriet Smith are in love you silly goose! Just leave them alone and it will be fine!" But I also can't help loving Emma too, she does have a good heart even if she can be a bit snobbish sometimes.


List three minor characters you like in the story.
Here I'm taking for granted that Mr. Knightley and Mr. Woodhouse are main characters.
Jane Fairfax - I actually love her story, feel for her and wish she and Emma could have been friends sooner in the story.
Frank Churchill - Many seem to think of him as the villain but I can't help liking him and smiling whenever he's "on screen" in a movie version or in the book.
John Knightley - His remarks are quite snarky sometimes but they make me laugh prodigiously! And he's such a good judge of character, a kind father and devoted husband, and anyone with the name Knightley can't helped but be loved!

Which character is the most annoying of the three? Mrs. Elton, Mr. Elton or Miss Bates?
Mrs. Elton! She's so frustrating because she seems to swallow up everything when she's in the room! At least Mr. Elton can keep quiet sometimes and Miss Bates is such a dear even though she rattles on quite a lot.

Have you seen any Emma spinoffs? (meaning modern adaptions like the original story)
I have seen a few clips from Clueless, the most popular modern spin-off, but didn't like the looks of it well enough to even attempt watching it.
I wrote a modern-day version once that I entitled 'The Matchmaker's Guy' and the "Emma" character was named Audrey - the Mr. Knightley character called her "Aud" heehee! :)

The perfect sum-up of Mr. Knightley is?
The best gentleman in the world!! Well, he most certainly is! As much as I love Mr. Tilney and all of the other Austen heroes there is on denying that Mr. Knightley is the most gentlemanly hero Jane Austen wrote. I just love Mr. Knightley! *sigh* :)

Described what you think of Emma herself in three words or less.
Kindhearted, meddlesome, brat. What? Well she is a bit of a brat sometimes! Ha :)

Harriet Smith receives a proposal from ____?
Robert Martin, her one true love! She actually receives two proposals from him bringing her up to the ranks of being an Austen heroine like Elizabeth Bennet or Anne Elliot who refused their hero's first proposal.

Your most enjoyed scene is?
As much I love all the scenes such as the Highbury Ball, my favorite scene has to be the proposal! Jane Austen wrote comparatively few proposal scenes and none so sweet as Mr. Knightley's words "If I loved you less I might be able to talk about it more." It's just perfect! :)

The villain is?
I don't think there is a villain in Emma. I used to think Mr. Elton was the villain because he was so frustrating and said some pretty mean things about Harriet, but even though his conduct isn't shining he doesn't do anything actually wrong. There's a better argument for Frank Churchill being a villain (or at least a scoundrel as Mr. Knightley calls him) but even his deception is not on a level will villains like George Wickham (P&P), John Willoughby (S&S), Henry Crawford (MP) or even William Elliot (Persuasion).
I think at different times throughout the novel there are characters who bumble into the villain role (even Emma herself with her tearing Harriet away from Robert Martin seems a bit like Caroline Bingley of P&P) but as much as we'd like to blame Mrs. Elton for everything that's wrong in Highbury there isn't just one villain.

Jane Fairfax is engaged to be married to ____?
Frank Churchill! Their story is actually quite Romeo & Juliet like, but it still seems like they could have trusted the people of Highbury (or at least Emma, Mr. Knightley and the Westons) with the secret of their engagement.

Miss Taylor was Emma’s ____?
Governess, friend and a bit of a mother figure too. I love dear Mrs. Weston! :)

Answering theses Tag Questions was so much fun! :)

How would you answer these questions?
Do Emma's matchmaking 'skills' annoy you?
Who do you think is the villain of Emma?

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Melody said...

You know, I never thought about that--Harriet refusing the first proposal like Lizzy and Anne; and though Col. Brandon never proposed, Marianne did rather refuse his attentions early on which is similar. ;)

Ooh, the proposal is definitely my favorite scene in the book...and definitely one of the key ones in the mini-series. One time when I was at a friend's house, we watched the ball scenes, the proposal scene (and the one after those where Emma comes running into Donwell Abbey, heehee) and then the last scene.
Sigh. =) 'Twas quite fun.

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