Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Music Guest Post as Austenitis

Charity at Austenitis is posting about Christmas music and singers all this week and she invited me to guest post. One of my new favorite Christmas CDs is The Hands That Created The World by Buddy Davis. Buddy is a singer/songwriter and paleo-artist associated with Answers In Genesis and the Creation Museum where my dad works so my family had the privileged of meeting him and hearing him sing this summer. Check out my review of his CD and especially his two original Christmas songs featured on the album! Guest Post by Miss Laurie: The Hands That Created The World at Austenitis.

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Leah Albright said...

Thank you for your post, I enjoyed it! I worked at the Creation Museum over this past summer and got the chance to meet Buddy Davis and his wife. It was a great experience, seeing how much they loved serving the Lord!

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