Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy 237th Birthday Jane Austen! - JABA

Old-Fashioned Charm
What is a fitting birthday wish for a 237-year-old authoress of great renown? 
I'm not quite sure, but I thought it might be suitable this year not to rehash her whole life story but just to let her words speak to you. 
For me these past few months Pinterest has been my one weakness and that is where I've found most of these lovelies!



I also found this lovely Jane Austen birthday cake:

Also, over the past few months I've been quite taken with these words by Jane:
Click to see larger view
The prayer above is part of a longer prayer written by Jane Austen and posted on the wall of All Saints Church in Steventon where her father and then brother both served as vicars. You can read An evening prayer "composed by my ever dear Sister Jane" at length.

I also saw this lovely letter at AustenBlog written by Jane Austen's brother Francis Austen "Frank" to an American fan in 1852 which tells about his memories of his sister. You can read the entire correspondence at Molland's!

Will you join me in wishing Jane Austen a very Happy Birthday? 
Ready? 1 - 2 - 3

I'm not sure what I would give The Authoress. perhaps a new hat or another pretty clothing item. Perhaps a volume of poetry or an armful of blank journals for her to continue writing in!

Do you have any Jane Austen related plans today?

What gift would you give Jane?

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Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen! What a lovely tribute, Miss Laurie! Love all the pictures you posted here!

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