Friday, December 21, 2012

December Letters

A series of short letters to different people, experiences and things that are making up my world at the moment. I've seen this style of posting done on several blogs recently so am giving it a try.

Found on Pinterst
Dear M., K. and A., 
It was so much fun taking care of you boys for three days while your parent were at the hospital with your new baby sister!
A., what a wonderful thing it is to be six- years old! You are so sweet and full of funny remarks. Your love or music and musical instruments is infectious!
K., your funny faces and voices crack me up every time! You're so comical and independent most of the time that it surprises me that you would be the one who feels more deeply than your brothers, is the most excited to visit us and never wants to leave!
M., being eleven-years-old and the oldest brother is rough stuff but you're doing it right. Your concern for your siblings and parents is so sweet, but I'm so glad you still enjoy playing, being a kid and letting us take care of you. You three boys are going to be the best older brothers to your adorable new sister! Your are so right M., she is "an angel" and a Christmas miracle!  Dear Arabella Faith, you are such a cute little bugga-boo and we're so glad you are here!

 *sings* "Dear Jane Austen, what's my problem? I wish I lived in those simple olden days!" (never mind my horrible singing, go watch the music video)
I've had so much fun celebrating your 237th birthday! But it's also been a tad hectic these last few days and I'm kinda glad it's over now so I can focus on enjoying Christmas with my family. Dear Melody and Lizzy, thank you both so much for your awesome help with JABA! You ladies are such good friends and I love ya!

{Via Pinterest}
Dear Taco Dip, 
I'd never made you before but I've loved eating you at parties for years. Thank you so much for being such a simple recipe and coming out as scrumptious as I could wish! Everyone at the Christmas party thought you were terrific! (Skinny Taco Dip Recipe on Pinterest)

Our White Elephant Gifts
Dear Bible Study Christmas Party, 
My siblings and I were so excited for you to come and we had a blast!!! The food was delicious (homemade cheesecake and handmade truffles!), the scripture reading made me teary-eyed, the carol singing was amazing, the board games were silly and the conversations were terrific! But best of all was the White Elephant gift exchange! We all laughed so hard and had so much fun stealing gifts from each other! My face hurt for a long time after laughing and smiling so much! :-D

My Christmas on Amazon

Dear My Christmas - Andrea Bocelli CD, 
I'm so glad my turn to open a gift came toward the end of the gift exchange so that I got to keep you for my very own! Oh how the other girls "ooh-ed" and "aww-ed" and begged to trade, but I wouldn't have given you up for the world! I look forward to listening to you over and over again!

Dear UMass Doo Whop Shop, 
You guys have amazing voices and I've been watching videos from your school concerts non-stop! I'm particularly obsessed with your Disney Medley video (watch above or on YouTube so you can see all their funny faces)!

 Dear Star Trek, 
You are truly a blast from the past but it's been fun watching some episodes of four different of your shows on Netflix. My favorite series is still Star Trek: Voyager with its story of the amazing crew trying to get home.

Dear Muppets, 
Somehow Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without ya'll! Muppet Christmas Carol, A Muppet Family Christmas and Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas are such classic in my house and not matter how many times we watch you we always sing along!

Dear Christmas Tree Sellers, 
From the first moment of stepping out of our car your trees smelled wonderful! I forgot how much I missed the comforting smell of pine woods that were all around in Maine. You guys were so helpful in picking out our tree and the whole experience was just like being given a piece of "home"!  If there had been snow on the ground it would have been just perfect.

Buy It Here
Dear Focus on The Family Radio Theater, 
I so love your radio play version of A Christmas Carol! It's wonderful how you take scenes right from the book and I don't mind in the least the extra scenes with wonderful Christian messages. One winter I listened to you nonstop and now as I listen again so many years later I can hear all the voices in my head. *happy sigh*

Dear Tiny Tim, 
No matter how many times I read or listen to your part of the story I always cry. Even though I know you don't die, or maybe because I know you get to live, I cry for you and your sweet family!

This moment is going to be amazing!
Dear Les Miz 2012, 
So many tantalizing clips, trailers and behind the scenes videos are out and I've watched them all at least ten times! I really would love to see you in cinemas but I still don't know if I'll be able to. All these clips have even gotten my sister interested. I think she's already a Hugh Jackman as Valjean fan and likely to stay that way.

Dear BBC Merlin, 
My sister and I have finished watching the first four seasons and we can't wait for the fifth season to come to USA! We waited a while to watch the last two episodes so that it would last longer. So glad season four ends on a really happy not but looking forward to the inevitable Mordred and Morgana team up.

Dear Kentucky Weather,
How I wish that you would snow for Christmas! I know the hail storm the other day was incredible and looked an awful lot like snow just wasn't! A real snow that sticks around a bit would be so nice!
And if you don't snow, I'll!...I'll...hmm...Oh! I know!  I'll keep singing "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas,  just like the ones I used to knoooooooow!" until it does snow!

Dear Friends & Readers, 
I hope that you ate having a wonderful December and are enjoying the delights of the season! Christmas is fast approaching! Have you got your shopping done yet?


Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

I finished my shopping ages ago! ;-)
And your mention of Merlin reminded me of my promise to check out Robin Hood again once I've caught up on Merlin and Doctor Who...
Well, I'm caught up on DW, but not Merlin, but, since I have a free month trial for Netflix right now, I shall give Robin Hood that try during this month. ;-)

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

Oh, and Merry Christmas!!! *hugs* :-D

Aliska said...

:) Nice post!

The shopping is done, but I just have a few more presents to wrap up.

Snow?! I can only dream. Living in south Texas, I'll be happy with the temperature being under 70. ;)

*Merry Christmas!*

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