Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Beautiful Hands


The girls were wild for dancing; and the evenings ended, occasionally, in an unpremeditated little ball. ...Anne, very much preferring the office of musician to a more active post, played country dances to them by the hour together: a kindness which always recommended her musical powers to the notice of Mr. and Mrs. Musgrove more than any thing else, and often drew this compliment -- "Well done, Miss Anne! very well done indeed! Lord bless me! how those little fingers of yours fly about!"

Hands are very fascinating to me and quite beautiful. Faces can be altered with make up or surgery but "hands never lie" as my father says. My father is very good at telling a woman's age by looking at her hands.
I myself enjoy a good handshake - firm, almost rough and sincere not weak and limp (these features are particularly awful in a man's handshake). I enjoy seeing an older man's hand rough with work such as a farmer or carpenter. And one of the joys of working with elderly women particularly is seeing how beautifully wrinkled their hands become through a full life of caring for others.

Below are the hands of my friend Miss Velma who I cared for this Spring. Her's are hardworking hands and the hands of a woman of faith.


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