Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Box of Memories


"No one had ever come within the Kellynch circle, who could bear a comparison with Frederick Wentworth, as he stood in her memory." - Persuasion

And what a great Captain Wentworth actor Rupert Penry-Jones was in the ITV adaptation of Persuasion. I didn't really like this adaptation very much and perhaps I was so critical because Persuasion is my second favorite Austen novel and I love the BBC Ciaran Hinds/Amanda Root adaptation. The story was cut short and the story line was changed which was quite dissapointing. Casting was a bit off at times as well, Sally Hawkins as Anne was alright but she's so very plain at times. Rupert Penry-Jones was well cast, perhaps not quite rugged enough, but the script was cut so it didn't show Captain Wentworth's genius or wit as well as it could have.
I also enjoyed Tobias Menzie's preformance as Mr. Elliot, he was very charming and really had Anne fooled it seemed. The other characters were alright but not the best. I did like Henrietta and Louisa in this one but other characters were just passe.
There was some beautiful scenery in this film and it was fun but still a bit dissapointing.



Miss Jen said...

Oh, your blog is lovely! :)
I look forward to future readings....
I love Jane Austen adaptations as well, and have also seen both versions of Persuasion. Yes, I have to agree the scenery in the new was breathtaking at times! :)

Many Blessings in Christ,

The Editrix said...

I absolutely agree with you about Persuasion! My favourite is the 95 version, too. . . Persuasion 07 was quite beautifully filmed and I really liked Sally Hawkins as Anne, but all in all I was quite a bit disappointed by it. :(

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