Thursday, December 4, 2008

Turn Around


"And it was soon over. In two minutes after Charles's preparation, the others appeared; they were in the drawing-room. Her eye half met Captain Wentworth's, a bow, a curtsey passed; she heard his voice; he talked to Mary, said all that was right; said something to the Miss Musgroves, enough to mark an easy footing; the room seemed full, full of persons and voices, but a few minutes ended it." - Persuasion

After so many years separation Anne and Frederick's first meeting after so many years was not at all as she had pictured. "A bow, a curtsey passed..." and that was all. Silence and an uncomfortable feeling fill the space between them. He hardly looks at her. They are both hurting so much.

"It is over! it is over!" she repeated to herself again, and again, in nervous gratitude. "The worst is over!" - Anne Elliot, Persuasion


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