Saturday, December 20, 2008

In My Own Little Corner, In My Own Little Room

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"The East room, as it had been called ever since Maria Bertram was sixteen, was now considered Fanny’s, almost as decidedly as the white attic: the smallness of the one making the use of the other so evidently reasonable that the Miss Bertrams, with every superiority in their own apartments which their own sense of superiority could demand, were entirely approving it; and Mrs. Norris, having stipulated for there never being a fire in it on Fanny’s account, was tolerably resigned to her having the use of what nobody else wanted, though the terms in which she sometimes spoke of the indulgence seemed to imply that it was the best room in the house."

I don't really like this 1999 adaptation of Mansfield Park but who does? A few of the characters were cast well but most just weren't right at all. I've said many times that this movie would have been so much better had it not suppose to have been a Jane Austen adaptation. If only the names had been changed to protect the innocent Mansfield Park characters from accusations of slavery, seduction, and same gender lovers! The best thing about this film is the music, such a lovely and lively score. It's too bad too because they could have done so much.


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The Editrix said...

Oh yes, I agree! Overall I didn't really like MP99, but I LOVED the soundtrack! I want to buy it - there was a copy of the soundtrack CD on ebay a week or so ago, and I meant to bid on it - but then I completely forgot about it! And so I missed out just because I forgot to bid. . . :-(

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