Wednesday, April 7, 2010

FF Challenge - Day 4

Day 4 of the April Feelin' Feminine Challenge. Today was a beautiful warm sunny day! So my family and I took a drive (I got to practice quite a bit of driving, that much closer to getting my driver's license).

Here's a clue as to where we went:

Can you guess where?

There were loons there in the water....

If you guessed the beach you were close! Down at the very end of Bailey's Island, Maine is a place known as Land's End. Looking out to sea it seems as if the land ends and there is nothing but ocean everywhere.

It was the perfect day for a walk near the water and a picnic lunch. We sat on those rocks and enjoyed fellowship and yummy food.

Mr. Seagull wanted to share our lunch too. He's a bit on the stout side because he is constantly fed by tourists or eating their leftover scraps.

Short sleeves were perfect on this warm day!

My Blouse: Orange floral tee with white tank underneath for modesty. Bought at Goodwill two weeks ago and was brand new, this is the first time I've worn it.
My Skirt: Just a comfy jean skirt, perfect for walking and climbing on the rocks. Same skirt as Day 2.
My Jewelry: Blue beaded wrap bracelet and a silver fashion ring just for fun.

Hair: Just put up in a clip so it was out of my face. Makes my longer hair look like it's in a short pony tail.

My dear friend Karis enjoyed our time by the water as well. It was so much fun having her along and showing her Land's End for the first time. The Christian fellowship was delightful!

One last view of the sea, stretching on and on forever. It simply was a lovely day!

I pray you have a nice day as well.

God Bless,
Miss Laurie :)


Lindsay said...

Oh... it looks like you all had a lovely day, Laurie. What a perfect place for your pictures! :)

Bird Girl said...

I adore Maine...we visited last summer and it was just beautiful!

Chelsea said...

I love your shirt :) So pretty! What a wonderful day you had for pictures outside!!


prashant said...

What a perfect place for your pictures!
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