Saturday, April 10, 2010

FF Challenge - Day 7

Hello! Today is Day 7 of the April Feelin' Feminine Challenge! I can't believe it's actually the last day! This challenge has been so much fun! It's been wonderful to have so many other ladies taking the challenge at the same time and to be able to encourage one another during the week.

I want to thank everyone out there who commented and encouraged me during this past week. You are all such a blessing and I praise the Lord for you!

My Saturday outfit is very simple and comfortable. It's been a fairly quiet day and I'll probably just go out and do some shopping with my family later. It was windy and chilly so photos were taken in my room using the self timer on my camera. Sorry they aren't that lovely but I chose the best from the bunch.

Skirt: Just a jean skirt bought at a thrift store, I have two of the exact same skirt.
Blouse: A magenta/redish cotton shirt I also bought at a thrift store. I thought the sleeves were cute.
Shoes: Black slip on sandals, bought on sale at Kohl's last summer.

Hair: Washed, blow dried and a silver headband thrown in it. I couldn't think of anything special today so I just made it easy. I like this headband because it is nice and wide on top and doesn't hurt my ears. It also ties underneath my hair so it kind of looks like I'm wearing a scarf.

I pray you have a blessed weekend!

In Christ,
Miss Laurie :)


Child of God said...

Dear Laurie,

I love your outfit today! You look very nice in pink. :)

Thank you so much for encouraging other girls in the Lord.

Love and Prayers,

Hannah Elise...

Lindsay said...

Cute, Laurie! I love your headband. =)

Bird Girl said...

Nice outfit! It was cold here too, amazing how it can go from 80+ to 50 in a few days. Thank you for your encouragement and fellowship, hope you have a blessed weekend as well =)

Hannah said...

Wonderful outfit, Laurie! I love your shirt:)


Rachel's Blog said...

I love your headband - so pretty!

Isn't it great when you can find two of the exact same skirts at thrift stores? I had that happen a while ago. I found my exact same skirt at a thrift store and snatched it up right away, because it was one of my favorites!


Prairie Momma said...

Lovely job, Laurie! You had lots of nice outfits. I enjoyed reading your blog throughout the week!

In Christ Alone,

prashant said...

I love your outfit today! You look very nice in pink. :
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