Thursday, April 8, 2010

FF Challenge - Day 5

I can't believe it's Day 5 of the April Feelin' Feminine Challenge already! Just two more days to go!
Today was a quiet day spent at home. It was fairly grey outside today but our forsythia bush is now in bloom!

My Skirt: Flowered cotton skirt, bought on sale at Walmart a few years ago. I love the comfort and beautiful colors.
My Blouse: Lavender with floral embroidered short sleeves. I bought this new and on sale at Big Lot's last weekend. I wore the green one I bought on Day 1.
My Shoes: Brown slip on sandals bought at a thrift store a few years back. They are old but comfy and they add about an inch to my height which is another reason I love them! :)

My Hair: Tried my hand at the partial crown braid which Miss Courtney posted a video tutorial of on her blog. I found her video very helpful because her hair is a similar length to mine. I'm afraid my first try at this hairstyle looks more like two French braids put into a bun, and because my hair was very dry (braids usually work best on my hair when damp) it was all falling out by the time my photos were taken. Oh well!

My second attempt at braiding turned out a bit better. I was also able to tuck the ends under instead of forming them into a bun as I did the first time. I rather like this style and look forward to trying it again sometime.

My nice full skirt is perfect for twirling or practicing my curtsy.

Hope you're having a lovely day!

God Bless,
Miss Laurie :)


•Karis Brown• said...

Your hair is so pretty!

Courtney said...

It looks great, Laurie!! And you'll only get better with practice. You did a great job! Your hair is very pretty.

Chelsea said...

I did the partial crown hairstyle today too! Lol. Very nice job though :) I understand how difficult it is to braid dry hair!

Lovely outfit to go with your lovely hair as well :)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE how you did your hair! So lovely!

Child of God said...

Dear Laurie,

That outfit looks very sweet on you.
Your hairstyle is very creative and feminine.

I do enjoy looking at your outfits.

Have a good day...

Hannah Elise..

prashant said...

you'll only get better with practice. You did a great job! Your hair is very pretty.
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