Sunday, April 11, 2010

FF Day 8 - Because It's Fun

I know the Feelin' Feminine Challenge ended yesterday but Miss Bea and I were all dressed up for church so we decided to take a few photos just for fun. (This will be the last, I promise! It's high time to get back to regular posting!)

Miss Bea's Blouse: Pink blouse with dark brown tee underneath. Pink blouse was a birthday gift she got to choose at Kohl's.
Miss Bea's Skirt: Simple jean skirt, probably bought at Sears.

My Blouse: Purple tee (same as Day 5) under black 3/4 length sleeve sweater.
My Skirt: Black floral skirt, bought on sale at K-mart last spring.

My Hair: Curls! I curled the bottom with my hot rollers and then put a simple barrette in to keep one side out of my face.

It was cold and windy outside, but we were still having fun! :)

Since we were having a photo shoot out cat Gertrude didn't want to miss out. She's such a sweetheart.

Hope you're having a wonderful Lord's day!

God Bless,
Miss Laurie :)


Child of God said...

Dear Laurie,

Very nice outfit.

I love the way you are dressing.


Hannah Elise....

Bird Girl said...


Love your hair! Reminds me that I have some hot rollers I need to dust off and start using again. Hope you had a Happy Sunday!


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