Monday, October 17, 2011

A 2nd Period Drama Heroine Tournament!

Miss Elizabeth Bennet at Elegance of Fashion is hosting her 2nd Period Drama Heroine Tournament!
50 Heroines will compete, 10 of those heroines will be from suggestions by readers! 
I had the great privileged of helping to write up some of the heroine biographies with a couple of my fellow bloggers, so don't forget to check out the lovely Period Drama Heroine Tournament: Profiles which Miss Elizabeth has provided.

I encourage you to go on over and check out the official tournament page and also take a look at the list of heroines and suggest a few of your favorite heroines who you'd like to see compete!

1 comment:

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Thanks for posting about the tournament! Can't wait for it! (Sorry this comment is a little late)

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