Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm An Inspirational Blogger Award

I was very kindly awarded with the Inspirational Blogger Award by Miss Dashwood of Yet Another Period Drama Blog and Abby of Newly Impassioned Soul. Thank you ladies, I am honored!

Tag Rules:
1. Be sure to post the award on your blog, for all of your readers to admire!
2. You will need to link back to the person who nominated you!
3. Make sure you tell your readers 7 random facts about yourself!
4. Also mention your favourite hobby, color and food!

5. Pass this award on to your 10 inspirational bloggers! (You can choose the person who nominated you!)

Seven random facts about me:

1. I love hot tea! In the fall and winter I almost always have a cup of herbal tea next to me. My favorites are fruit flavors (peach, blueberry, cranberry apple), I'm not as fond of green tea or black tea. When I'm sick Echinacea tea is my best friend.

2. I'm always multitasking. When I'm blogging I enjoy having music, an audio book, a TV show or period drama playing.   

3. I love cats. My two gray and white kitties are great fun to snuggle with, talk to and tease. My older cat has been sick the last few weeks, she's quite an old lady but I'm going to miss her terrible when she goes.

Eilean Donan Castle - take by my uncle
4. My uncle in the Air Force just recently went to Scotland. I'm so jealous but he took some marvelous photos which I've been enjoying. It's refreshed my desire to visit Scotland some day!

5. Candy corn is one of my favorite fall treats.

6. My favorite items to browse through at a store are the scarves and bags/purses. When I first starting working for my current boss she must have thought I was crazy because almost every day I'd show up carrying an entirely new bag! I had so much fun with that! :)

7. My sister and I have been in a Christmas music mood recently, I know it's not even November yet but we've been listening to all of our favorite Christmas albums. 

My favorite hobby:
Probably blogging! I do it because I love it! Blogging combines all of my favorite things: writing, reading, researching, history, book, music and beautiful paintings and photos. And of course Jane Austen and period dramas!

My favorite color:
I usually say red, a deep rich red color. But I also love lavender/lilac and light green when paired together. 
I personally wear a lot of blues, browns and pinks.

Similar to my mine, I always cut my onions smaller

My favorite food:
Tricky one. Maybe pizza because I don't usually get tired of it and you can put anything on it. I love making pizza for my family, my pizza crust is a wonderful recipe that turns out so delicious! My family's favorite is when I make BBQ chicken pizza  (and for the guys Buffalo chicken pizza). Yum! :)

I'm passing this award along to:
Miss Elizabeth Bennet of Elegance of Fashion
Charity of Austenitis 
Net Movie Blogger of It's A Wonderful Movie
Pallavi of Period Movie Box

Thank you Miss Dashwood and Abby! This was fun! :)


Melody said...

Thank you so much!! =) I hope to pass this award along soon.

I love cats as well. Oh, and that's so funny that you and your sister are in a Christmas music mood, because that's me and my older sister too!! =D I adore Christmas music. =) =)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I am excited to pass this along as well - thank you for the tag :)

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