Saturday, October 29, 2011

Screencap Game - Period Drama Couples

Ready for a little fun? Many period dramas include lovely scenes where the hero and heroine hold hands. 

How many period drama couples you can identify in the screencaps below?

Leave your guesses in a comment. 
I'll post the answers next Saturday!
















Put your answers in a comment. 
I won't publish your comment until other people have a chance to play. 
But I will be commenting with your scores so check back often!

Have fun!

Very Truly Your's,


Abby said...

Ooh, what fun! I think I know some of these...

2. Emma 2009 - Emma and Knightley
4. Becoming Jane - Jane and Tom Lefroy
8. S&S 2008 - Elinor and Edward
9. Wives and Daughters - Molly and Roger
11. Persuasion 2007 - Anne and Captain Wentworth
12. P&P 2005 - Lizzy and Darcy
13. P&P 1995 - " "
14. S&S 2008 - Marianne and Colonel Brandon

Not too sure about any of the others! That was a lot of fun though :)


Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Thank you for your guesses. You answered all but #4 correct. So 7 out of the 8 that you answered were correct.
Thanks for playing! I'll post your answers comment later. Feel free to try again if you wish! :)

Ella said...

My guesses are:
#3-Margaret Hale and John Thornton
#11-Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth
#12-Elizabeth Bennet and Mr.Darcy

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Thank you for your comment! You answered questions 3, 11 and 12 and all three of these are correct.
Feel free to guess again if you want.
I'll post your comment later.

Miss Dashwood said...

I had just finished watching your YouTube video of these screencaps when I read the post... so unfortunately I know all the answers and can't play. But it looks like fun!

In His Wings said...

I believe #1 is from Northanger Abbey between Catherine Morland & Henry Tilney 2005 version, I think.#2 is Emma Woodhouse & Mr. Knightly from Emma 2008. #3 is Margaret Hale & Mr. John Thornton from North & South. #4 is Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy from the 2005 Pride & Prejudice.#9 is Molly Gibson & Roger Hamley in Wives & Daughters. #10 is Fanny Price & Edmund Bertram in the 2007 version of Mansfield Park.#12 is Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy in the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice. #13 is Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy from the 1995 version of Pride & Prejudice. #14 is also Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy from the same version as above. #15 is Josephine March & Professor Baehr from Little Women 1994 version.

God bless,
Sarah Grace

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Sarah Grace,
Thanks for playing! In all you guessed 8 of 10 questions you answered correctly. The couples you guessed wrong were #1, #4 and #14.
Thank you for playing! Feel free to guess again if you wish. I'll post your comment at a later time.

Katie Wegner said...

1.) ?
2.) Knightly and Emma
3.) Margret and John Thornton
4.) Catherine Morland and Henry Tilney
5.) ?
6.) Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth
7.) Knightly and Emma ( 1996 ) version
8.) Edward and Elinor ( 2008 version )
9.) ?
10.) Fanny Price and Edmund Bertram
11.) Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth
12.) Lizzie and Mr. Darcy ( 2005 version )
13.) Lizzie and Mr. Darcy ( 1995 version )
14.) Marianne and Colonel Brandon ( 2008 version )
15.) ?

I know, I started out with a ? . That's not good :D .
I think I did good with all the ones I knew though :D .
I guess we'll see when you post the answers :D .

Katie Wegner

Melody said...

Oh dear! I'm supposed to be making cupcakes, but am I making cupcakes? ...noooo......

Okay, here I go.
1. This isn't the best start for me. I have no idea. :-/
2. Emma (2009)!!!! (Love that scene)
3. North and South
4. Uh...I don't know. Maybe PUP 2005?
5. Hmm...maybe Emma?
6. Persuasion?
7. Another Emma? o.O
8. Ooh! Sense and Sensibility.
9. Wives and Daughters
10. I probably haven't seen it.
11. Persuasion (maybe)
12. I'm not sure. P&P 2005?
13. I think that's P&P 1995!
14. Sense and Sensibility?
15. I don't know that one.

Elizabeth said...

Sadly I am not as familiar with couples as I might like to be, but This looks like fun! so I will answer the ones that I am very sure about.
#3: Margret Hale & Mr. Thornton
#4: Emma & Mr. Knightly
#12: Lizzie Bennett & Mr. Darcy

I wish I could figure out more, but I am quite clueless.

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Katie Wegner,
You answered 10 out of 15 correct. Questions #4 was incorrect. Good job!

You answered 12 of the 15 correct. You answers to questions 4 and 5 could be a bit more specific, like a certain couple if you care to guess. Hope you're cupcakes turn out good! :)

You answered questions 3 and 12 correctly. Question 4 was incorrect. Thank you for playing! Feel free to try again if you want to.

Melody said...

I don't care to guess 4 if I don't have to, because I really don't know...but for 5, I'll guess Harriet and Robert Martin. =)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

You answered question 5 correctly! :)

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

I'll take a try at it!
1. Esther & Allan Woodcourt(Bleak House 2008) (I had to look up Allan Woodcourt's name since I've never seen Bleak House; not sure if this would count as a correct answer, but I had a feeling it was from Bleak House and that that was Esther)
2. Emma Woodhouse & Mr. George Knightley (Emma 2009)
3. Margaret Hale & John Thornton (North and South 2004)
4. (Not quite sure on this one) Catherine Morland & Henry Tilney (Northanger Abbey 2007)
5. Harriet Smith & Robert Martin (Emma 2009)?
6. Anne Elliot & Captain Wentworth (Persuasion 1995)
7. (No idea)
8. Elinor Dashwood & Edward Ferrars (Sense and Sensibility 2008)
9. Molly Gibson & Roger Hamley (Wives and Daughters 1999)
10. (I'm going to take a complete guess on this) Fanny Price and Edmund Bertram (Mansfield Park 2007)
11. Anne Elliot & Captain Frederick Wentworth (Persuasion 2007)
12. Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy (Pride and Prejudice 2005)
13. Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy (Pride and Prejudice 1995)
14. Marianne Dashwood & Colonel Brandon (Sense and Sensibility 2008)?
15. Josephine March & Professor Bhear (Little Women 1994)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Miss Elizabeth Bennet,
You answered 13 of the 15 questions correctly! Good job! You're the first person to answer #1 correctly on the first try! Your guess for #4 was incorrect and #7 was the one you didn't know. Thanks for playing!

Ella said...

I have two more guesses:
#2-Emma Woodhouse and George Knightly
and#15-Jane Eyre and Mr.Rochester.

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Thank you for guessing again. You guessed #2 correctly but #15 was incorrect. So your updated score is four questions correct.

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

I'm not sure if you're accepting corrections, but I think 7 is Emma and Mr. Knightley from Emma 1996.

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Miss Elizabeth Bennet,
Yes, I am accepting corrections. You got #7 correct so that makes 14 of 15 correct. Good job!

Anonymous said...

This is so fun! I love stuff like this. I'm not going to put my answers since I only know a few, but I know that I've seen some and it's driving me crazy! lol

Ella said...

Thanks Miss Laurie!

Jemimah C. said...

I'm terrible at guessing games, Miss Laurie, but when I saw Mr. Thornton and Margaret's handshake in North and South (2004) yesterday, I knew I had (and wanted) to play this game!

#2 Emma Woodhouse and Mr. Knightley
#3 Mr. Thornton and Margaret Hale!
#5 Elinor Dashwood and Edward Ferrars
#6 Colonel Brandon and Marianne Dashwood
#12 Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy

I'm afraid I can only answer a few. I just answered those that I was sure of. But in case I think I do know where the rest of the handshakes come from, I'll guess again.

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

You answered 3 out of the 5 you guessed correctly. Questions 5 & 6 were incorrect though the couples you guessed do have a photo in the game.
Feel free to guess again! Thanks for playing!

Ella said...

I have on more guess:
#15-Jo March and Professor Bhaer.

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Your guess on question 15 is correct! So you're up to 5 correctly answered questions. Feel free to guess more of them if you wish.

Laura said...

Hello Miss Laurie!

What a fun post! I was just wondering if each picture is a different couple, or are some the some couple but from different adaptations?

Thanks so much!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Some of the couples are the same only from different adaptations. A couple are different couples from the same film. I hope you have time to take a few guesses! :)

Laura said...

Hello again Miss Laurie!

Thanks so much for answering my question! My sister and I have collaborated, and here are our guesses!

#2 - Emma Woodhouse & Mr.Knightly

#3 - Margaret Hale & John Thornton (we wouldn't have known this had we not watched this very film this week! :)

#4 - Hmm... Jane Bennet & Mr. Bingley?

#5 - Harriet Smith & Robert Martin?

#7 - Emma Woodhouse & Mr. Knightly

#8 - Elinor Dashwood & Edward Ferrars

#9 - Molly Gibson & Roger Hamley

#11 - Anne Elliot & Captain Wentworth

#12 - Lizzie Bennet & Mr. Darcy

#13 - Also Lizzie Bennet & Mr. Darcy?

#14 - Marianne Dashwood & Col. Brandon?

Thanks so much for hosting this fun game!

God Bless!

Laura said...

Oh! and

#15 - Jo March & Friedrich Bhaer?

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

You and your sister did a very good job guessing! Of the 12 questions you guessed all of them were correct! Good work ladies!
The questions you didn't guess were 1, 6 and 10 so feel free to have a guess on those if you want to. You've made it into the high scores though, good work! :)

Caroline L. said...

#2 is Emma Woodhouse and Mr. Knightley
#3 is Margaret Hale and John Thornton
#4 is Jane and Mr. Bingley
#5 is Harriet Smith getting married to Robert Martin
#6 is Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth
#7 Another Emma and Knightley ;]
#8 is Elinor and Edward
#9 is Roger Hamley and Molly Gibson
#10 Edmund and Fanny?
#11 Anne Elliot and Frederick dancing on their front lawn (different movie from before)
#12 Lizzy and Darcy!
#13 Lizzy and Darcy dancing in another P + P
#14 is Col. Brandon!!! and Marianne

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Caroline L,
You guess 13 of the 15 couples and answered all 13 correctly! Good job! If you feel like guessing 1 and 15 feel free to comment again! Thanks for playing!

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