Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blog Updates and a Poll

My Dear Readers,

If you've taken a look around the various pages here at Old-Fashioned Charm you've probably noticed a few changes. My hope is that these changes will make it easier for all of you to navigate and find what you're looking for!

Home Page - I've organized and added a few things to the right sidebar.
  • The various ways to follow Old-Fashioned Charm can be found at the top of the right sidebar so you can keep up to date by following on Blogger, Twitter, Facebook and by e-mail!
  • Under my Blog Archive and Blog Buttons you'll find links to other pages and blogs run by me. Especially check out my Tumblr and YouTube pages. 
  • I've added a samples of music videos from my YouTube page on my right sidebar so you can click to open and play them on my blog while you read.
  • I've long been encouraged to Monetize my blog so I'm going to start small and have added a box with a list of my favorite period dramas, soundtracks and books from I've also added a box of Google Ads toward the bottom of my right sidebar. 
  • Lastly I've added link lists to some of my posts divided by themes. You'll find posts about actors, painters, composers, literary characters and fashion.
My Events - I've made a comprehensive list of the events I've hosted and joined in with links to my posts for these events.

Recommended Period Films - My list of Period Films I've seen and enjoyed has been extensively edited, added to and organized. There are now updated links to my film reviews and music videos next to each film listed. 

Poll: What Kind of Post Subjects Would You Like to See More Of?
The poll I've put up is expressly to gather my reader's thoughts about what you'd all like to see posted on Old-Fashioned Charm. Choose as many options as you'd like to see and don't forget to comment and let me know what kinds of posts you're most interested in.
  1. Period Drama Actors - More posts about actors and actresses from your favorite period dramas. Suggestions of actors to post about are more than welcome!
  2. Period Drama Reviews - More review of period films. Browse through the Recommended Period Films page and let me know which films you'd like to see reviewed.
  3. Period Drama Soundtrack Composers - Posts about composers of the lovely soundtracks from period dramas. What are your favorite soundtracks?
  4. Period Painters - Posts about old-fashioned paintings and the artists who created them. Suggest some of you favorite artists and paintings.
  5. Lives of Authors & Historical Figures - Posts about the lives of your favorite authors and historical figures. Who would you like to learn more about?
  6. Quizzes & Games - Quizzes on your favorite novels and period dramas. Photos games, word games and other fun things to play.
  7. About Me - Posts about your's truly including weekly or monthly updates about my life and work, thoughts, things I'm learning spiritually and historically. Perhaps even a question and answer interview if anyone is interested.

I'm going to leave this poll up for 2 weeks. I'm hoping to get a lot of feedback so I can continue to provide interesting posts for all of my dearly beloved readers!

Very Truly Your's,


Lady Agatha said...

I'm really looking forward to all the new and exciting things you plan for your blog! But one thing I noticed as I was looking over your films is that you have no stars (*) by 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. I have only seen the first one, which I believe should have a star, and I'm not planning on seeing the other ones, in that they are very dark. I often use your site to look for new films but seeing no star by the 'Pirates' made me weary of other films that don't have stars. If you could perhaps do something about it that would be wonderful, seeing as I really, really enjoy your site:) Sorry if I sound a bit mean, I'm not intending to be, I'm just concerned. Thank you!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Lady Agatha,
Thank you so much for mentioning this error on the Recommended Period Films page. I've corrected it and taken the opportunity to add more information to the films that were marked with stars. Take a look and if you have any other suggestions please don't hesitate to mention them! :)
I'm so glad to hear that this page is of use to you!

Lady Agatha said...

Miss Laurie,
Thank you so much for adding more detial to the movies in your 'Recommended period films' section. It's so helpful, and I look forward to looking into more period films in the future!
Lady Agatha

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