Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Saw Courageous!

Hi everyone! My family and I just went to see Sherwood Pictures new film Courageous at the cinema last night. I was so looking forward to this film and have been following their filming and post-production news closely. I was already expecting great things from this film but it never fails to surprise me how many great stories and spiritual truths they are able to pack into one movie! I've never laughed so hard or cried so much in a movie theater before! And the acting and production quality on this film are stellar, continually better than their previous films! There were a lot of action scenes too, which were amazing, especially on the big screen!

I know this isn't a period drama piece but the truth in it is so great. It's definitely a family film, there's something for all ages! I urge each of my readers to go out and see Courageous, take your fathers and your families with you! This is a must see film! 

If you've seen Courageous already what did you think of it? 
Who did you go with to see this film?

"Love you, bye." - Best line in the whole film, but you're going to have to see it to get it! :D

Very Truly Your's,

Edit to Add: If you haven't seen the trailer yet take a look!


Ella said...

I've been wanting to see courageous too!
I hope you will get to see it soon.

Lauren said...

Ahh, this movie was so, so good! I absolutely loved it! I'm trying to get my parents to go see it ;)
~Lauren :)

Jemimah C. said...

I'm still waiting for my turn to watch Courageous! I have no idea when that will be, but I am so excited to see it. I'm glad you found it to be a great family film!

The Simple Girl said...

I saw it this last weekend too! I too had realized that I've never had so many emotions going through me in one movie sitting!
I was literally going in hysterics during the last cop scene!

On comedic scene that cannot be topped is "The Snake Kings" scene! I snorted while laughing so hard, people in the theater laughed at me.

Great movie!!!

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